Open War Between Dutch Bishops

Open War Between Dutch Bishops – 5/19/18

Auxiliary Bishop Jan Hendriks of Haarlem-Amsterdam, Netherlands, has defended the German Protestant Communion.

He supported on his website (May 16) the idea that bishops’ conferences may decide by themselves [contradicting other bishops’ conferences and the New Testament] to introduce this sacrilege.

Hendriks was appointed in 2011 by Benedict XVI. His diocesan bishop Jozef Punt is considered to be a “conservative”.

Two days after Hendriks, Utrecht archdiocese headed by Cardinal Willem Eijk (May 18) stated the opposite.

The statement proofs with the Church law, the Catechism and Church documents that Non-Catholics may receive Holy Communion in an “emergency situation” but that mixed marriages cannot be considered as such.

It seems that the Utrecht statement was an answer to Hendriks’ heretical proposals.

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