by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 18, 2018

Once teaching nations about the glories of the Church, now teaching acceptance of sodomy

Nowadays, when Catholics hear the word “Jesuit,” they generally think one of two things: “education” or else “uhhhh” accompanied by a facepalm.

The religious order, called the Society of Jesus, was founded in the mid–16th century by spiritual giant St. Ignatius Loyola. Its members quickly became known for their strict adherence to Catholic teaching and played a big role in the Counter-Reformation following the Council of Trent.

To combat Protestant heresies running rampant throughout Europe, the Jesuits established colleges and universities throughout the world. These universities promoted sacred doctrine as well as the arts and sciences.

Many people know the heroic acts of the Jesuit missionaries such as St. Francis Xavier, St. Edmund Campion, St. Isaac Jogues and a host of others who gave their lives for the salvation of the people they ministered to.

Those glory days are long gone. While they still have a reputation for “education,” for the most part it’s hardly Catholic education.

American Jesuit universities are known now for sponsoring gay proms, campus housing for so-called LGBT individuals, progressive gender theory, abortion, so-called gay Masses and even the promotion of pagan spirituality.

These are all things the Jesuits of yesteryear fought against, but now they’re some of the biggest advocates of these objective moral evils.

Father James Martin, a well-known figure in the revolt from within the ranks on same-sex genital acts, accepts and promotes many things the great Jesuits of the past stood against. While he goes around telling people that homosexuals don’t have to be chaste because they haven’t “accepted” the Church’s teaching, that Catholics should “reverence” same-sex marriage and God created people to be homosexual, he enjoys full support from his Jesuit superiors.

He’s been promoting his book which seeks to reassure people living in same-sex relationships that God loves them just the way they are and they aren’t called to repentance and conversion.

One need only look at the comments Martin receives by faithful Catholics for his Twitter posts to see there are as many people, if not more, demanding he stick to authentic Church teaching. But, with the blessing of the secular media, his own superiors and even implied consent from Rome, it seems Catholics may have to wait longer for the Jesuits to return to the Catholic Church.

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  1. Every liberal’s favorite flamboyant modernist Jesuit is, in fact, himself NOT a product of valid Jesuit training or formation. The modernist heretical takeover had long since eclipsed Catholic theological formation in the Society of Jesus in the U.S. There is an equivocation involved when using the term “Jesuit” for such heretical modernist impostors, counterfeits, and infiltrators.

    A modernist heretic who does not present correct explanations of Catholic teachings can only be referred to as a Catholic priest in the nominal sense with serious qualification. Modernist heretics are automatically excommunicated latae sententiae and, hence, are not believing or practicing Catholics in an authentic or orthodox sense. The practice by the modernist hierarchy of allowing such modernist heretics to persist in active public ministry, misrepresenting themselves to the Catholic faithful and non-Catholics as “Catholic priests” in order to push an anti-Catholic, heretical agenda is worthy of a long book on blasphemy and sacrilege after Vatican II.

    For some of the background on the modernist implosion of the Society of Jesus in the United States after Vatican II, read James Hitchcock’s The Pope and the Jesuits.

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