Monsignor Antonio Livi on the Mass

Monsignor Antonio Livi [on the Mass]

Gloria.TV News – 5/17/18
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Every Rubric of the Old Rite Helps to Worship God
Monsignor Antonio Livi, a former professor and dean at the Roman Lateran University spoke to very highly about the Traditional Latin Mass. Quote, “Every rubric was helping me to worship God and to unite with the sacred, this edified me and my faith.” Livi also confessed that the New Rite ripped away all of that from him.”

“I Was Jealous of the [Opus Dei] Priests Who Did Not Need to Say the New Rite”

Livi was already a priest with the Opus Dei when the New Rite was introduced. He admitted to that he was jealous of those priests [including its founder Jose Escriva] who were allowed to continue celebrating the Old Mass. In the parish where Livi served, he was forced to say the new mass. Quote, “I compensated the deficiencies regarding the sacred in the Novus Ordo by abstaining from long homilies and by encouraging the faithful to look for silence and adoration.”

The New Rite Is Often a Show [by the Priest and Others]

One of the main problems in the Novus Ordo is for Monsignor Livi the fact that the priest has been turned into a principal performer. It has also become common that priests show off during Mass [with strange things such as non-liturgical singing and/or dancing by him and others]. Quote, “This is a horrible thing”.

Turning the Mass in a “Celebration of the Community”

According to Livi things started going wrong already before the Council. Mass became a routine for many priests who began focussing on secondary things like the homily in which they talked about politics or tried to display their knowledge. Masons and Communists [as well as pro-abort “Catholic” politicians] used Mass to make public appearances and to sit in the first row although they were enemies of God. During funerals relatives and others] started making speeches from the pulpit. Livi sums up: “All this contributed to changing the Mass into what they want it to be now: a celebration of the community, not the Sacrifice of Christ.”

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