New Notre Dame trustee donated to pro-abortion PAC

New Notre Dame trustee donated to pro-abortion PAC

[Hat-tip to Church Militant Headlines: “Notre Dame Elects Abortion Supporting Trustee: 
Dorene Dominguez funneled thousands to elect pro-abort candidates.”]

Dorene Dominguez, a real estate developer and part-owner of the Sacramento Kings, was elected to the University of Notre Dame’s board of trustees at the board’s spring meeting last week, according to the university.

While much of her professional and personal story is exemplary, her $10,000 donation in 2014 to Women Vote!, a PAC tied to Emily’s List which works solely to elect pro-abortion candidates for elected office, raises serious doubts about her fitness and ability to maintain the now-shaky Catholic identity of Notre Dame.

A prior trustee, Roxanne Martino, resigned from the Notre Dame board in 2011 after The Cardinal Newman Society revealed her donations to pro-abortion PACs. But the university never acknowledged a mistake and claimed that Martino was unaware of the political agenda of “organizations that characterize themselves as pro-choice.”

Bill Dempsey, the president of the Sycamore Trust, was dismayed by the university’s apparent lack of concern.

“The university cannot even bring itself to concede that Emily’s List and the Illinois State Personal Pac are pro-choice,” he told the National Catholic Register. “The university says these groups ‘characterize themselves as pro-choice,’ as in ‘he says he is Christian.’ Is the suggestion that Ms. Martino just did not believe them?”

Still, the incident caused public embarrassment to Notre Dame… so why wasn’t Dominguez carefully vetted?

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