Pantheon: Table Is Now Replacing Altar

Pantheon: Table Is Now Replacing Altar

[More than at the Pantheon:  Tables are being installed ad populum (or ex oriente) or “permanentized” in other Roman churches, where some traditional altars are being removed in a manner as if they were junk (see comment below)! – AQ Tom] – 5/15/18

More than fifty years after Second Vatican Council, the Roman Basilica Santa Maria ad Martyres, known as Pantheon, was inflicted with a table facing the people which is replacing the altar.

The table was blessed on May 13 by the Roman Vicar, Archbishop Angelo De Donatis.

The Italian Military Bishop Santo Marcianò who was present at the ceremony told (May14) that it took ten years to get the green light from the superintendence of the Pantheon to put the table into the church.

This was necessary because the Pantheon is property of the Italian State.

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2 comments on “Pantheon: Table Is Now Replacing Altar

  1. Sad: “Cranmer tables” in the Pantheon and many great Roman churches
    Posted on 13 May 2018 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    I was in St. Peter’s Basilica the morning they tore out the Altar of the Chair. There were people stationed to prevent anyone from taking photos. Workers pried it apart with crowbars and hauled it off like so much junk. Theologically, the altar brought deep significance to Bernini’s masterpiece above it.
    I am in Rome today, on the morning when a “Cranmer table” will be bolted into the floor of Santa Maria “Ad martyres“. This day is the Feast of the Dedication of that church which took place in 609. S. M. ad martyres is also called the Pantheon. More on that in Italian HERE.
    Since I’ve been in Rome these last few days, I’ve seen quite a few nasty changes since my last visit in September for the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage. There are more dreadful tables in place and they are ostentatious. Go into S. Andrea della Valle and weep. The same for the Chiesa Nuova. Weep.
    How ideological do you have to be to ignore a magnificent high altar, built for that church? It makes no sense at all. In fact, its intellectually insulting. In the end, it comes back to an overreaching and condescending and self-centered clericalism. These lib clerics have to be the center of attention. They impose these innovations on people who haven’t asked for them. They disrespect the contributions of their forebears and squander their treasures.
    There seems to be a rush in Rome to get these altars in place.
    I wonder if they are not afraid.

  2. Relentlessly, the Revolution intensifies its wickedness, respecting neither God nor man. Which more than merely suggests its “worship” is directed to the only other form of intelligence in existence.

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