FrankenPope Says Jesus was Daring to Pick Apostles Who Were So Stupid…

Monday, May 14, 2018

FrankenPope Says Jesus was Daring to Pick Apostles Who Were So Stupid…

[Some might ask if the Holy Spirit was daring to pick a pope who is so stupid! – AQ Tom]

That statement you make when you think all blue collar workers are stupid:   “It really seems too daring that Jesus entrusts the task to a small group of simple men without great intellectual abilities!” 

The man seems to subscribe to an awful lot of urban legends.
Blue collar workers are stupid.
People who own guns are not Christian.
Women who trust God and are open to life know about as much about procreation as wild bunny rabbits.
Folks who come to Mass to immerse themselves in Christ in mystical prayer are people who don’t like to dance.
People who know the effects of receiving the Blessed Sacrament in a state of mortal sin are museum mummies.

Catholics complaining about the stupid things he’s doing and saying and the damage its doing to people we love are bitter, rigid, pickle-pussed gossip terrorists.

It’s all so tiring.

Tomorrow, citizens of my beloved Ireland are voting on a referendum to put children to death.   The Holy Father has said nothing.   Absolutely nothing.  He expresses his disgust for every raised eyebrow but nothing to say about the lives of the unborn and the salvation of their mothers.

At the end of the day, Christ knew when it comes to an apostolic mission, even an apostolic imbecile is better than someone who just doesn’t give a damn.

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4 comments on “FrankenPope Says Jesus was Daring to Pick Apostles Who Were So Stupid…

  1. Simpler put, its daring for Frankie to think his intelligence is equal to Peter and the other Apostles. On another note, here is another example of Pope Francis’ immense humilty.

  2. Can anyone check out whether Jack Chick or the Westboro Baptists are currently in the employ of the Mob running things in the Occupied City?

  3. The Apostles were obviously smarter than the dolts that elected Francis and most certainly smarter than any Jesuit !

  4. There are, oh say, prob’ly a couple dozen Jebbies left with more than a lick of sense, Skipper. There were at least four I knew in my old home town, two of whom may now be uncelebrated saints in fact.
    I had two Jesuit profs I thought very saintly as well. Fr. Thomas Aquinas McGovern, SJ taught metaphysics. He had the deep respect of everyone who was privileged to be in his class. It was excruciatingly demanding but he was a gentle, patient scholar and quite amused whenever I or one of my fellow barbarians attempted to ask what I or they were convinced was a “brilliant” question.
    He was deeply humble and made everyone of us bozos a WHOLE lot humbler after a semester or two.

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