Descent of “Catholic” Benedictine St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH, into Perversion

Descent of “Catholic” Benedictine St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH, into Perversion


Controversy over Knight highlights L.G.B.T. tensions at Catholic colleges (Jesuit America magazine)

Knights of Columbus- Grand Knight resigns, alleges discrimination of sexuality (The Crier – St. Anselm College student newspaper)

Saint Anselm students host the college’s first LGBT Day of Visibility (The Crier)

Despite the good news in the first two of the above sources of the “departure” of the campus chapter Knights of Columbus’ Grand Knight for “coming out” by bringing a male “date” to the campus KofC formal dance. St. Anselm College continues to descend into perversion by trying “to balance support for increasingly diverse student populations while adhering to church teaching, which holds that same-sex relations are sinful, even if identifying as gay or lesbian is not” (America).

By a number of actions advancing the legitimation of sodomy on campus, the college has been added to the list of gay-friendly colleges and universities of the pro-sodomite New Ways Ministry  (condemned by both the USCCB and the Vatican – before the FrankenPope effect took place in both those institutions).

“The college is generally supportive of L.G.B.T. students” (America) by its establishment of the pro-sodomite “True Equality and Dignity Alliance” and by its recent hosting of a pro-sodomite “Day of Visibility” attended by students, faculty, alumni and the college president. Steven DiSalvo (the first non-Benedictine to head the institution).

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