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by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 14, 2018

Slams Hollywood elite’s ‘scandalous’ mockery of sacred art

NEW YORK (ChurchMilitant.com) – A Staten Island priest is slamming the archdiocese of New York for embracing a scandalous exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” purports to show “fashion’s ongoing engagement with the devotional practices and traditions of Catholicism” by blending Catholic images and sexuality.

In a letter to the New York Post last week, Fr. Robert Repenning blasted the New York archdiocese’s accommodation of the sacrilege, warning it signals a collapse of moral authority.


Echoing the frustration of faithful Catholics across the country, Fr. Repenning wrote:

What has become of the Catholic Church when it officially endorses self-hatred?

The Archdiocese of New York was once the moral voice of Catholic America. Now it’s virtually silent about morality and has opened wide the doors to secularism and embraced the world of high finance.

It is a scandal that any cleric would attend a $30,000-per-ticket event.

It’s even more scandalous to have our sacred vestments, art and figures mocked by the Hollywood elite.

The good people of New York who can’t afford $30,000 dinners deserve an explanation why the hierarchy in the United States and abroad would embrace the worldliness of a Roman emperor instead of the poverty that Pope Francis proclaimed the Catholic Church must embrace.

This exhibit is a mockery and destroys the very notion of sin and sanctity, purity and impurity, good and evil. …We must make reparation for this impure mockery and sacrilege since it offends God and calls down His just wrath.Tweet

Curated by open homosexual Andrew Bolton, “Heavenly Bodies” includes:

  • a sexual bondage mask draped in Rosary beads
  • women’s dresses modeled after clerical attire, many transparent and revealing
  • a dress featuring a black miniskirt and an icon of the Virgin Mary on front and back
  • a transparent dress featuring a naked Adam and Eve
  • a cardinal’s robe featuring a plunging neckline exposing the mannequin’s breasts

Looking past the exhibition’s displays of sexuality, Cdl. Timothy Dolan helped open “Heavenly Bodies” on May 10.

WATCH: NY Priest Claims Persecution Under Cdl. Dolan

In comments posted to his blog afterward, Dolan said he “was honored” to attend, explaining his presence reaffirmed “the Church and ‘the Catholic Imagination’ are all about truth, goodness and beauty.”

Bondage mask with Rosary beads

In delivering his remarks, Dolan singled out for praise billionaire donors Steven and Christine Schwarzman who, in addition to sponsoring the Met Gala, have lavished tens of millions on Catholic Charities and New York archdiocesan schools.

Father Repenning isn’t alone in voicing outrage over the exhibition and its star-studded opener, the Met Gala. Faithful New York Catholics are planning to mark the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary with prayers of reparation for the sacrileges.

At noon on Saturday, June 9, Catholics will gather in front of the Met for an afternoon of “peaceful prayer, song and reparation before God and the whole world,” testifying to their “complete rejection” of the exhibition’s mockery of the Virgin Mary and the Catholic Church.

“This exhibit is a mockery and destroys the very notion of sin and sanctity, purity and impurity, good and evil,” organizers say. “We cannot simply cross our arms in the face of this scandal. We must make reparation for this impure mockery and sacrilege since it offends God and calls down His just wrath.”

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  1. Congratulations to Father and to those making reparation. Dolan needs to be exquisitely vilified for abandoning his moral and theological responsibility to not only his Archdiocese but to Catholics everywhere. Although, the more bad press he gets, the higher the post he will receive in sunny Nuovo Roma for loyalty to the venomous Revolution.

  2. The high-maintenance price of the tickets to the gala may be silly and absurd, but that is not the real issue. The sacrilege and anti-Catholic pro-abortionism of the glitterati, celebrities, and aesthetes mocking Catholic dress were the issues. Dolan had already been compromised by giving the OK for non-Catholic, non-Irish perverts to march under their own NBC banner in New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade which apparently just could not take place unless homosexuals from NBC were permitted to hold it hostage.

    What is absurd is having the cardinal archbishop of New York enabling sacrilegious bondage mask nonsense and playing stupid afterward as if there no problem. Liturgical vestments and Catholic sacramentals ought NOT to be playthings, props, and toys at an art fag circus (which is what this was). If the Cardinal sees no problem here, he needs his head examined and deep therapy. The Catholic hierarchy and priesthood were degraded by groveling before these anti-Catholic celebrities and glitterati. There ought to be a better way to raise funds for the diocese. Some way that does not involve anti-Catholic sacrilege of the bondage mask (with Rosaries).

    The evening could have been much better spent by having Dolan bring Holy Communion to dying cancer patients in hospitals. If that is not clear to the cardinal, we have deep problems in AmChurch that Manhattan fashionista funds will never cure.

  3. Said with more charity than I could try to dredge up, Howl. What a mess. Dolan would have pulled galley rowing duty at Lepanto under St. Pius V.

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