Low liturgy and high camp: the Met Gala fiasco

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7 comments on “Low liturgy and high camp: the Met Gala fiasco

  1. re: “Low liturgy and high camp: the Met Gala fiasco”

    The Sistine Chapel Boys Choir at a Manhattan fashionista art fag gala….
    What could go wrong?

  2. Who contributed the Bondage Mask, was it out of the Montini Collection or the Spadaro Collection? Did Martin contribute the rosaries ? I am sure Barron is still looking for the Rihanna costume! Imagine Word on Fire 🔥 in that getup !

  3. Who remembers when Rev. Jerry Falwell had to take a plunge down the waterslide at the Heritage USA Christian themepark (of PTL’s Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker)?

    The Met fashionista gala needs a themepark waterslide (for Dolan and Fr. Martin). It should be annual event:
    The 2018 Modernist “Spirit of Vatican II” Waterslide Awards.

    Either that or the Cardinal should try stunt jumping over a shark on water skis in the Hudson River.

  4. Is it true that Cardinal Dolan invited George Clooney to be the host for the Al Smith Dinner?

  5. LOL! Clooney’s aunt is an old crooner from the Eisenhower days. So, we can’t exactly refer to the dashing lib activist as Rosemary’s Baby. But, for rollin’, rollin’ Dolan, that’s prob’ly close enough. Cd. Dolan just hosted the equivalent of an evening at the Playboy Mansion so he can finesse technicalities with little fear of being called on it in the NY media.

  6. Clooney host for the dinner and the Sex Pistols as the house band.

    There is another reason why Dolan and other modernists should not enable fashionista carnivals of queerism like this strange art gala. Rod Dreher already has too many issues to worry about to keep his head spinning around in confusion. Non-Catholics are going to think this was a “Catholic” scandal instead of what it is – just another absurd misadventure of the heresy of Americanist modernism. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We have had enough progressive silliness from the modernist Spirit of Vatican II misrepresenting the Catholic Church. I think we have to draw the line on the Spirit of Vatican II inculturation for the Church in the modern world with bondage mask modernism.

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