Bishop Barron’s Fawning over Cardinal Dolan at the Met Gala

[Bishop Barron’s Fawning over Cardinal Dolan at the Met Gala]

Cardinal Dolan isn’t the only AmChurch bishop who suffers from hoof-in-mouth disease; LA Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron (whom some say is His Immensity’s protege) also suffers from it with statements such as his latest one (reported in Crux’s Dolan evangelizes culture at Met Gala, one stereotype at a time) about the Cardinal and his grand-standing at the Met Gala:

“By sheer force of his personality, [Dolan] is one of the best evangelizers on the scene today. … As a careful student of American Church history, he grasps the subtle ways that the Church has entered into a dialogue – both creative and critical – with the institutions of the secular culture. This makes him a canny player on the scene today.”

[Hat-tip to Women of Grace’s Susan Brinkmann, OCDS, May 10, 2018, article Cardinal Dolan Tries to Explain Met Gala:

“Apparently, I’m not the only one getting an earful about the Met Gala where Hollywood stars showed up in outrageous costumes that caricatured Catholicism and offended almost everyone I know (even non-Catholics). … While I can certainly see the Cardinal’s point-of-view, the vast majority of the faithful Catholics I have encountered were left shocked and horrified by this event – especially because the Church seemed to sanction it. Perhaps the average “pewsitter” is not as well-versed as the Cardinal in Catholic history, or as theologically equipped to understand the finer nuances of evangelization in the modern world, but they are a part of the body of Christ and their faith matters. Sure, Jesus would go off in search of a lost sheep, but that doesn’t mean He would neglect the flock He left behind.”

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One comment on “Bishop Barron’s Fawning over Cardinal Dolan at the Met Gala

  1. Barron is just trying to wrangle an invite to next years Gala ! He saw Rihanna’s costume and hopes he can get to wear it next year ! It will be up,for sale in a second hand thrift shop in the Bronx before long or it will be worn in some Haitian Day Celebration in New York ! A Baron Samadi Special !,

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