by Anita Carey  •  •  May 8, 2018

Consultant to exhibit Fr. James Martin beaming with pride

NEW YORK ( – The archbishop of New York was “honored” to support a fashion exhibit that mocked Catholic beauty and the sacred, sponsored by million-dollar diocesan donors.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute’s spring exhibit, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” attempted to show the influence religion and liturgical vestments have on fashion. The exhibit borrowed pieces from the Vatican and the archives of several fashion design houses, including Versace, Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke at the opening of the exhibit on Monday. He posted his comments on his blog, saying “he was honored to be here” and explained the Church is there “because the Church and ‘the Catholic Imagination’ are all about truth, goodness and beauty.” He said that God’s beauty and truth are reflected “even in fashion.”

Rihanna sporting bishop’s miter

Dolan singled out for praise Steven and Christine Schwarzman, billionaires who have donated millions to the archdiocese, Catholic education and Catholic Charities. In 2015, they gave a record-setting $40 million to the archdiocese for the “Kids are Our Capital” endowment campaign. Days later, the couple got the honor to welcome Pope France to a school in East Harlem.

The Schwarzmans donated around $5 million to sponsor the Met Gala.  Additional support for the exhibit was provided by Condé Nast, publisher of Teen Vogue, lambasted for pushing anal sex tutorials to 13-year-olds.

Bondage mask with Rosary beads

Forbes has estimated that Mr. Schwarzman’s net worth is over $12 billion, and the New York Times reports that his charitable contributions can ignite controversy.

“This is partly because the gifts often come with conditions,” it says.

Christine Schwarzman is Catholic, and not long after she married Steven — second marriages for them both — the couple began entertaining the late archbishop of New York, Cdl. Edward Egan. Steven Schwarzman “happily gave financial advice for Cdl. Egan to take back to the archdiocese.”

Cardinal Dolan attended the Met Gala, the fundraiser for the museum and an event that often pushes the boundaries of fashion and decency, as outfits from past events are often skimpy and inappropriate. This year’s theme was taken from the Heavenly Bodies exhibit and celebrities attending took their cues from the exhibit, profaning sacred symbolism with immodest outfits meant to emphasize sensuality.

Alessandro Michele, Lana Del Ray and Jared Leto

While many of the exhibits were not offensive, some crossed the line, e.g., priestly cassocks made into women’s dresses and a leather S&M bondage mask adorned with Rosary beads.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit’s curator, Andrew Bolton, explained his vision in a blog post, saying “garments will reference the hierarchies and gendered distinctions of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the cult of the Virgin Mary.”

He said “dress is fundamental to any discussion about religion” and went on to mention that most of the designers featured in “Heavenly Bodies” were raised as Roman Catholics but “many of them no longer practice Catholicism.” He said their use of Christian symbolism reflects the influence of their Catholic sensibilities, noting that the observations Fr. Andrew Greeley made in his book The Catholic Imagination “reverberate throughout the exhibition’s themes.”


Greeley speculates in his book that “there is a propensity among Catholics to take the objects and events and persons of ordinary life as hints of what God is like,” making the case that in certain erotically charged art shows, “human arousal is a hint of divine arousal.”

Bolton consulted with homosexualist Jesuit priest, Fr. James Martin, during the creation of the exhibit. In an interview with WWD, Martin praised Bolton’s Jesuit education and his knowledge of theology, saying “sometimes it’s like speaking to a theologian.”

“I would suspect that most people who are going to a show like this are pretty sophisticated and already understand the place of the Church in art history,” Martin said.

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  1. What were the modernist Jesuit’s “qualifications” for the role of consultant, other than being a flamboyant liberal homo?

    What happened, Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show wasn’t available because he was interviewing for a theology department chairman position at a “Catholic” college in Worcester, Massachusetts?

    Also, what is Cardinal Dolan doing there at a promotion of queerness and pseudo-Catholicism? Isn’t using priestly vestments and Catholic sacramental for perversion still considered “sacrilegious”? Or has Pope Francis changed that rule too? What in the hell is going on with Cardinal Dolan and the New York archdiocese?

    • I see your invitation got lost on the mail also ! Dolan runs the Archdiocese like a San Francisco Bath house ! Priests live with their boyfriends in the rectories, they steal from the parishes, nothing happens . The list goes on. I wish I knew Martin was a consultant, we might have been able to sacrifice him in the Temple of Dendor, and hide the body in an empty sarcophagus,lying in the next exhibit area ! Oh well maybe next time my invite will arrive on time ! Could go dressed as a member of the Inquisition and grab a sword from the Arms and Armor Exibits and really “ Clean up the Trash “ ! Or Maybe a Crusader, they have enough swords ⚔️ to have a go of dispatching the infidels , Dolan included!

    Piers Morgan Trumps Cardinal Dolan In Decency And Common Sense
    And that title doesn’t say a whole lot. That’s not to slight Morgan, but to point out that just about anybody with a scintilla of common sense and decency will outshine Dolan.
    I never heard of the Met Gala before the one that happened a few days ago. Apparently it’s quite a hoity-toity fashion show where all the wealthy folks and entertainers and all other sorts of glitterati wear expensive clothing along some given theme and rub elbows with each other. Usually the women came dressed in rather provocative attire, like “ladies of the evening”, if you get the drift. This year someone came up with the bright idea of making the attire “catholic-themed”. So many of them came in attire that was unabashedly blasphemous.
    Dolan was yokking it up with the blasphemers, (keeping with behavioral patterns of the past) complaining more about the quantity of food rather than the disrespect and bigotry being heaped upon his Faith. From the New York Post I quote, “Dolan cracked to fellow guests that he was the only one who didn’t have to go out and buy his duds for the evening — though organizers were disappointed he didn’t accessorize more.” Well why didn’t he “accessorize more”? Did he forget about his signature head-gear (below)?
    But Dolan probably has reasons, I’m sure – and I do mean rea$on$! What does sacerdotal dignity and duty mean when beaucoup d’argent (French for “plenty of money”) is to be had?
    Piers Morgan wrote a very lucid article in the Daily Mail, pointing out the anti-Catholic bigotry on display at this Met-Gala thing. He rightly pointed out that those blaspheming the One True Faith wouldn’t dream of doing that to the Muslim or Jewish religion.
    He also pointed out how bizarre it was that the Vatican gave its permission for Catholic accouterments to be featured at this sort of event. He asked, “what the hell was the Vatican thinking?” Faithful Catholics also ask that question, and have been asking that question quite frequently since Francis ascended to the papal throne.
    Again, faithful Catholics are being treated as “niggers of the new age”. Among the bigots treating them as such are their own traitorous bishops.

  3. Once again, as with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York, Cardinal Dolan is playing stupid.
    I’m not buying it. He can play stupid like a good little modernist sucking up to the Illuminati if he wants to. But one of the “art” exhibits was a leather, S&M bondage mask with a choker belt, decorated with Rosaries. What exactly is the “Catholic” purpose of that? Will we be seeing this on display at a future Theology conference at the College of the Holy Cross?
    Perhaps Father Spadaro could explain by applying the modernist theological principle of 2+2=5 again?

    The Cardinal owes the Catholic faithful an apology and an explanation for enabling this sacrilegious, blasphemous, anti-Catholic trash. Is the archdiocese that desperate for money that sending the Cardinal as a mascot for an anti-Catholic queer gala is the new normal for Vatican II?

  4. There was one silver lining, a decidedly positive development, which most of the younger, neo-Catholic modernist bloggers have missed.

    They should have advertised that Three Dog Night was planning to launch a revival tour performance. Good news for charismatics. Who could “hide their joy” to “Joy to the World”?

    But if they didn’t play “Never Been to Spain” at the post-gala after hours party at Jimmy Fallon’s, the kids got ripped off.

    Maybe Stephen Colbert could look into it before his next Sunday School lesson? Hey, Stephen, Three Dog Night, where are they now?

  5. How the Vatican became enmeshed in the Met Gala
    Catholic World News – 5/10/18
    According to journalist Edward Pentin’s report, “the Pontifical Council for Culture wanted the focus to be on the Met’s exhibition of fashion, Catholicism, and art, rather than [on the] Gala, viewed by many of the faithful as a sacrilegious mockery of the Church.”

  6. It’s been an interesting month for the modernist Spirit of Vatican II under Bergoglian neo-Gnosticism. Let’s recap:

    Earlier in our story of the New Springtime, it was discovered that a Presbyterian professor of New Testament studies at the College of the Holy Cross, a nominally Jesuit Catholic institution of higher learning, thinks Jesus was a “Drag King” who desired perverted homoerotic naughtiness with God the Father. Then the FrankenPope enabled the modernist German bishops in their fantasy to give Holy Communion to Protestant spouses of Catholics in mixed marriages. Cardinal Burke said, “hold on there!” and the Bishop of Utrecht, Cardinal Willem Eijk, who had been reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church, warned that the Great Apostasy leading to the reign of the Antichrist may be starting. Then Cardinal Dolan attended a queer fashionista gala for glitterati at the Met which featured amoral, anti-Catholic celebrities in various stages of tacky undress, exhibiting Catholic sacramentals and clerical gear in blasphemous and sacrilegious ways, with Father James Martin, SJ, as the official consultant and chaplain for this carnival of queerness, apparently because Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show wasn’t available to hold the leather bondage mask at the Met exhibit due to that fact that he was interviewing for a theology department chairman position at Holy Cross.

    OK, everybody got that so far?

  7. No one should be surprised at this article from the Times. The Homosexual Boys Club runs deep both in the Vatican and the NY Arts 🎭 World 🌍!

  8. Catholicism Is Degenerated To A Chaplaincy Of Liberal Elites
    / – 5/10/18
    The attempt to adopt “modern culture” and to connive with its denizens will inevitably end in “dissolution for the Church itself”, Ross Douthat wrote in the New York Times (May 8) about the Church’s involvement in the recent Met Gala.
    Douthat explains that “modern culture” is inherently anti-religious or anti-Catholic in some abiding way.
    For him the only plausible approach for Catholicism is therefore not to offer itself as a chaplaincy within modern liberalism, but to be “a full alternative culture in its own right”.
    Naive New York Cardinal Dolan who participated in the gala, said afterwards that he was not able to detect “anybody out to offend the Church.”

  9. Traditional Catholics can take a joke, like some other religious conservatives. At some point, however, there is a need to draw the line. Bondage mask Catholicism seems to cross that line. If Cardinal Dolan is unable to understand that, I would be glad to explain it to him.

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