Om Edition! (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Your Catholic Week in Review (Om Edition!)

Michael Hichborn – 5/5/18

More details are coming forward on the passing of Baby Alfie Evans in Liverpool — none of them good.  

One of the most alarming details to come forward is the condition of his ventilation tube, described as “full of mold” and replaced after five full months of intubation.  Yet the most disturbing story to come out of Alder Hey Hospital was that Alfie was breathing just fine until he was visited by a nurse:

Before dying, while Thomas (the father) had left the room for a moment, leaving Kate (the mother) drowsing and another family member in the room, a nurse entered and explained that she was going to give Alfie four drugs (no one knows what drugs) to treat him. No more than 30 minutes later, his oxygen saturation level dropped to 15. Two hours later, Alfie was dead.

I have independently verified this version of events with the Italian publication that broke this story.  They have been in direct contact with the family, who has not requested a correction.

Alfie’s condition was dire, not only due to his condition and the threat of infection, but specifically because of the stance of Alder Hey Hospital, itself.

Doctors from Italy insisted that Alfie would require antibiotics in order to prevent a lung infection; Alder Hey denied treatment.  Oxygen?  Supporters had to literally throw an oxygen mask over a wall of police officers in order to get it to Alfie’s lawyer… who then gave the mask to the family.  Nutrition — even when applied — was kept to starvation levels.

But what happened to Alfie Evans didn’t happen in a vacuum.  His murder… and it was murder… is the bitter fruit of the deadly philosophy of Karl Marx.

This Saturday, May 5th, will be the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth.  Even with the collapse of Soviet communism and China’s shift towards state capitalism, socialism seems to be a social disease that brings new converts to those who have never before tasted its evils.

Totalitarianism — strictly understood — is a total monopoly of the loyalty, fidelity, and conscience of individual persons to the state alone.  In other words, the state determines what is moral, what is ethical, what is good, and what is true.  Those who oppose this social paradigm of “morality” in the body politic are considered pathogens.  Put another way, under the care of a totalitarian state, you will be mercifully cared for, mercifully fed and mercifully clothed… and if you resist, you will be mercifully shot.

Baby Alfie Evans was a pathogen to the British social welfare state. Alfie’s end is the end of every victim of socialized medicine.  That voices of conscience were vilified, mocked, chided and abused in the process of trying to provide care to Baby Alfie should be a warning to us all.  The British government had deemed Baby Alfie a burden; a life unworthy of life.  Those who did not exhibit total loyalty to the will and desire of the state were deemed pathogens as well… and treated accordingly.

The Soviet Empire had to build walls to keep people inside their socialist paradise.  Baby Alfie’s government required a wall of armed guards to provide him with modern miracle of British socialist medicine.  It “miracled” Alfie to his grave.

Om…. ommm… ohhhhmmmy — you won’t believe what the Vatican let through the doors this week.

If you’re like me, you might be a tad bit surprised and shocked to learn that one of our leading 21st century theologians is none other than American pop-star and semipro, nun-eviction specialist, Katy Perry.  

Her topic of expertise?  Transcendental meditation.

For those who aren’t aware of what transcendental meditation (or TM for short) is, it is the Buddhist practice of self-awareness through breathing, listening to heart palpitations, and the like.  But there’s an added element in the spiritual practice, one that treats self-awareness as signs from the infinite.

There is a reason why Catholic theologians have warned against this sort of openness to the spiritual.  That sort of openness can invite the sort of spirit you might not want… and yes, we’re talking about the diabolic.

Diabolic possession is a very real and serious thing.  One cannot be cavalier about the devil’s existence and his capacity for subterfuge.  Remember what Our Lord said about the demons who leave a house, but after a time, return to it finding the house swept and clean, but then brings 7 other spirits more wicked than himself? (Luke 11:24-26)  This is precisely what Our Lord was talking about!

Transcendental meditation is not a means of clearing the self, but rather akin to unlocking your doors and throwing the family jewels, wallet, and social security card out on the front lawn for the nearest visitor — and those visitors tend to bring friends when they see an easy target.

Katy Perry wasn’t just given a mere venue for her ideas on transcendental meditation at the Vatican.  Perry was permitted to speak her mind on this topic from the same seat used by the Holy Father for major Church meetings.  Practically from the throne, so to speak.

…and did we mention that Cardinal Gianfranco Rasvari — head of the Pontifical Academy for Culture sponsoring this event — is listed as an honorary Freemason?  Draw your conclusions as you will…

Of course, few people should be surprised that the Pontifical Academy of Culture decided that this was appropriate, despite pretensions that the forum — described as a “Davos of biotech” — was to be an “open setting” where ideas and concepts would be challenged.  Instead, we are treated to a forum where error is given the same rights as truth.

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