Pro-sodomite Jesuit House chaplain rescinds resignation after being booted by Paul Ryan

Pro-sodomite Jesuit House chaplain rescinds resignation after being booted by Paul Ryan

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 3, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Father Patrick Conroy, a pro-gay Jesuit priest serving as chaplain for the U.S. House of Representatives, has rescinded his resignation a week after outgoing Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, requested it.

Last week, Conroy stepped down after Ryan, a Catholic, allegedly told him he would be dismissed unless he left voluntarily. However, in a letter to Ryan dated May 3, Conroy retracted that resignation “upon advice of counsel.”

The letter accuses Ryan of not giving him a reason for his firing, but claims Ryan chief of staff Jonathon Burks “mentioned dismissively something like, ‘maybe it’s time that we had a Chaplain that wasn’t a Catholic,’” as well as mentioning a House prayer and interview some criticized as overly political. Conroy has previously said Ryan told him, “you just got to stay out of politics.”

House Republicans say that Ryan assured them the prayer wasn’t a factor, but rather that some had approached him with concern “that their pastoral needs weren’t being met,” in the words of Rep. Mark Amodei, R-NV.

Ryan “didn’t say this as bluntly but the reason for the change is that many of us like Father Conroy but we feel like he didn’t do anything,” another unnamed Republican told CNN. “We never see him. We never hear from him. We’d like to have a more active priest/pastor.”

Conroy’s letter claims the discrepancy between the public and private explanations persuaded him to reverse his decision. He says he wants the opportunity to address any alleged failures to meet House personnel’s needs, or to have Ryan be the one to terminate him if he still wishes him gone.

Last week, 148 House members of both parties sent Ryan a letterdemanding more information on Conroy’s ouster. Many pro-abortion Catholic Democrats have attacked what Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York calls a “shameful anti-Catholic move motivated by conservative extremists in Congress.”

Regardless of Ryan’s reasoning, Conroy is a controversial figure who has openly opposed Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

Calling Catholic teaching on homosexuality a “dead end” based on an outdated understanding of human psychology and sexuality, Conroy suggested in an interview published in 2015 that the church had to provide “hope” to “a gay or lesbian person who desires just as a heterosexual person desires to commit their life to someone in whom, as Catholics, they have found the presence of the love of Christ.”

Conroy served as House chaplain since Ryan’s predecessor, Republican John Boehner, nominated him in 2011. His was responsible for opening each day’s proceedings with a prayer, as well as providing pastoral counseling to lawmakers and their staff.

Ryan has announced he will retire at the end of his current term.

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3 comments on “Pro-sodomite Jesuit House chaplain rescinds resignation after being booted by Paul Ryan

  1. Followup: The lame duck (he has announced he will not run again) Congressman/Speaker of the House blinked!
    In a reversal, Speaker Ryan says the House chaplain will remain in his post
    Catholic World News – 5/4/18
    “I intend to sit down with Father Conroy early next week so that we can move forward for the good of the whole House,” said Rep. Paul Ryan, a Catholic layman. The Jesuit chaplain alleged that Ryan’s chief of staff has shown anti-Catholic bias, according to the report.

  2. “See, Pope Francis and the Jesuits intervened,” some wild-eyed Protestants will claim. That would make an interesting story IF (a *big* “if” here) Pope Francis and the modernist Jesuit chaplain in question were both believing and practicing Catholics. However, unhappily, it seems that the modernist chaplain dissents from orthodox Catholic moral teachings, hence, he is a liberal follower of the progressive modernist heresy in the Bergoglian Spirit of Vatican II on steroids (and, therefore, is not a Catholic). When uppity, wild-eyed, anti-Catholic Protestants invoke the Black Legends of the Jesuits and Renaissance popes to prop up imagined super-Catholic conspiracies, it would help if the alleged participants were actually Catholics. Since neither Pope Francis nor Father Conroy believe in or follow the traditional orthodox Catholic faith, this is not about a “Catholic” chaplain for Congress but a liberal modernist one.

    As for Speaker Ryan, he would have to explain how Transcendental neo-Thomism works with Ayn Rand.

    However, it would be interesting if there actually were a “Catholic” chaplain for Congress.

  3. No doubt discrete messages were sent from the DC branch office of the Mob holed up in the Motel 6.

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