Buffalo, NY, Diocese Denies SSPX Couple to Become Godparents

Buffalo, NY, Diocese Denies SSPX Couple to Become Godparents

[Is that diocese not up-to-date on the Holy See’s latest sacramental policies regarding the SSPX or “not in union with the Church of Rome”? – AQ Tom]

[The couple involved: Not the godparents but the ecclesiastical functionaries]

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en.news – 5/4/18

A married couple attending mass in the church of the Society of Saint Pius X in New York was denied to be the godparents of their niece in Buffalo diocese.

According to sspx.org (May 1) the decision was made by Sister Regina Murphy, the interim chancellor of the diocese, and confirmed by auxiliary Bishop Edward Grosz.

Sister Regina wrote that the couple practices its “Catholic faith within a church that is not in union with the Church of Rome and which has rejected the absolute [sic!] authority of the Holy Father and many of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council”.

The child was finally baptized in a chapel of the Society of Saint Pius X on April 15 with the selected godparents.

The U.S. District of the Society of Saint Pius X has informed the Vatican of this and hopes [probably in vain] for a clarification.

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One comment on “Buffalo, NY, Diocese Denies SSPX Couple to Become Godparents

  1. I’ve been in the Chancery of the Diocese many a time and the personnel makeup looks more like the Dolly Parton / Jane Fonda comedy, “9 to 5”, than scenes from any pre-Vatican II movie featuring ecclesiastical settings. The males of the species are rarely spotted. That said, this silly slap on the wrist to those “nasty, mean-spirited SSPXers” ( perhaps, oh say all 100 or 150 of them? in an eight county Diocese of of over 350,000 souls ) may have been a PR lateral arabesque to toss some smoke in the eyes of locals who are, my contacts report, increasingly outraged over the abuse scandals that the Bufflao News and local T.V. won’t stop yapping about.
    Bishop Mallone and Bishop Grosz had nothing to do with any of those reported cases, some going back to the Viet Nam era, but they are being hit with all the you-know-what splattering the porcelain throne daily in these media campaigns to do all things possible to discredit the Church even when the Diocese IS taking all necessary steps to accommodate real instances of abuse, as opposed to fake allegations which account for more than half of all reported actions in lawsuits.
    One friend reports that priestly morale is in the dumper these days and that is a true shame. I knew dozens of fine priests in my hometown and Bp. Grosz has been a personal friend since 1970, That in no way changes the facts on the ground. Previous bishops did not do all the right things nor with deliberate speed when claims arose. That was more than inexcusable. But for the media to not put that into perspective is grossly unfair to two prelates who are effectively trying to clean up a 50 year old disaster allowed to fester under prior ecclesiastical administrations,
    Having said all that, the little fellow in question IS a baptized Catholic despite any PC nonsense within Chancery political circles and, according to earlier reports, the SSPX has contacted the Ecclesia Dei office in Rome to straighten out the Dolly Partons of the Queen City of the Great Lakes…. Life goes on, and the inglorious Bills will end up 9-7 in the upcoming season, as usual.

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