Document Leaked: Germans Justify Protestant Communion With FrankenPope and Amoris Laetitia

Document Leaked: Germans Justify Protestant Communion With FrankenPope and Amoris Laetitia – 5/3/18

Protestant Communion will be “allowed” in Germany in the name of a „living tradition” of Catholic theology.

The German weekly Tagespost (May 2) has seen the yet unpublished document of the German bishops that will “allow” the sacrilege.

The document refers to Francis who in November 2015 visited the Lutheran parish in Rome and suggested that couples living in mixed marriages should “pray” and “then go forward” [and receive Communion].

The sacrilegious document further quotes Amoris Laetitia (37) that calls for making room for the “conscience”: “We have been called to form consciences, not to replace them.”

In the practical implementation this means that “conscience” is used in order to promote conscienceless behaviour.

The main sentence of the document claims that “all” Protestants living in a mixed marriage may receive Communion after “a careful examination” and a “decision in their conscience”.

Priests are called to “respect the truth and freedom of the Holy Spirit”. In other words: They are forced to act against the Catholic faith.

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One comment on “Document Leaked: Germans Justify Protestant Communion With FrankenPope and Amoris Laetitia

  1. We can defer to some neo-Catholic modernist scholar who knows Karl Rahner and Teilhard better, but if there is no hell, as modernist Pope Frankie supposedly told his aging atheist buddy, what could possibly be the reason in Bergoglian neo-Gnostic modernist theology for restricting Communion only and exclusively to believing Catholics?

    For anyone too young to remember when scholastic Thomistic reason and logic were still being taught at Catholic institutions, if modernist Pope Frankie doesn’t believe there is a hell, he’s not a Catholic and he still says mass and receives Communion, so…. [2+2 must still equal 4 in this universe]…Pope Frankie already approves giving Communion to non-Catholics (i.e., himself, a non-believer in the Catholic doctrines on damnation and marriage). OK, some neo-Catholics’ heads are exploding at this point, so we must try to be charitable as they grapple with this logical problem, a triggering event because we are not supposed to point out issues of Aristotelian logic and logical contradictions which cause problems for modernist revolutionaries.

    Contra those who think that Pope Frankie is a scheming Machiavellian, he may not understand the contradiction here. Or…following the advice of his theological consultant, ultra-modernist Father Spadaro, in these situations 2+2=5 in modernist theology in the new and improved Spirit of Vatican II on steroids.

    When 2+2=5 in progressive modernist theology, the Rex Mottram School of Theology from Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited comes into play. It’s raining spiritually only we’re too sinful to see it when the Pope predicts it will rain on a certain day and it doesn’t rain.
    So it makes sense from the point of view of Mottramist ontology.

    If only Rex Mottram had lived in the Age of Bergoglio.

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