Cardinal De Kesel Wants Church to Accept Homosexual Fornication

Cardinal De Kesel Wants Church to Accept Homosexual Fornication

[And also to accept sodomite marriage and ordination (the former as the “Eighth Sacramentum” and the latter openly rather than secretly in the mind and/or action of the ordinand and/or the ordainer)? – AQ Tom] – 5/3/18

“The Church must respect homosexuals more – also in their experience of sexuality”, Brussels Cardinal Jozef De Kesel, an enemy of the Church, said during a meeting with the gay group “HLWM” on April 24.

According to the gay propaganda webpage De Kesel claimed that the condemnation of homosexual acts is “no longer sustainable”.

De Kesel referred to Francis’ words “Who am I to judge” when he was faced with homosexual allegations against one of his collaborators. According to De Kesel such words would have been unthinkable “ten years ago” [when Benedict XVI was in charge].

De Kesel admitted that he himself, twenty years ago, would have spoken differently about homosexuality and would have followed the teaching of the New Testament and the Church.

According to De Kesel the [dying] Church in Europe “has changed for the better”, but the Church in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia “is not yet included” in this change “for the better”.

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One comment on “Cardinal De Kesel Wants Church to Accept Homosexual Fornication

  1. It’s a requisite of etiquette concerning princes of the Church whether the cause of their public manifestations of mind-boggling support for gross immorality might indicate early-onset dementia, brain tumors or other physiologic disorders. ( RHIP and all that…)
    Yet, De Kesel tossed in a few lines from the “Bergoglian Guide for Satyrs & Transcendentalist Troops In Service to the Revolution.” Which seem to indicate, instead, he’s just another garden variety EU weenie-in-a-beanie.
    All sods are narcissists and there are few more effective ways to gin up quick PR for one’s preferred vice than to prance into a sod gathering, make shocking acts of “worship”, prostrating before their idols, and then let the media poofsters send out an APB alert.
    No doubt, His Schmucklency will be dining at the Motel 6 soon.

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