[Russo-Orthodox mouthpiece] Hilarion: Unity with Catholics impossible [because of “too many contradictions and misunderstandings”]

[Russo-Orthodox mouthpiece] Hilarion: Unity with Catholics impossible [because of “too many contradictions and misunderstandings”]

[Despite what some neo-Fatimists say, a sign that Russia has yet to be converted through her explicit and correct manner of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary;  the Russo-Orthodox still don’t want unity with the Church!  AQ – Tom; hat-tip to Catholic World News]

Vladimir Rozanskij – 5/2/18

On April 29 in an interview with Russia 24 television, Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeev) [chief public-affairs spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church] said that unity with the Catholic Church practically impossible. “Although the foundations of our faith are the same, and the symbol of faith is almost identical, Catholics have another conception of the procession of the Holy Spirit,” said the prelate. He also insisted on the divisions of the last millennium, “in which many contradictions and misunderstandings accumulated”. Hilarion declared himself sceptical about the recent statements by the patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, according to which the union between the two branches of Christianity is inevitable.

As an example of the difficulty of this process, the metropolitan recalled the canonizations of the saints impossible to accept by the Orthodox, including the eventual canonization of the Croatian Cardinal Stepinac of Zagreb. For the Catholics he enjoys a reputation for holiness, while for the Serbian Orthodox Church he was guilty of serious faults during the Second World War, participating in the genocide of the Serbian people. Hilarion also cited the various attempts to force the Orthodox to join the Catholic Church, and in particular the constant anti-Orthodox activity of the uniates [i.e., the Byzantine Catholic Church] in Ukraine.

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    For example the above post was excerpted from a larger article with the headline cropped and enhanced. While Canon212 linked to the original (and complete) article rather than our excerpted version, Canon212’s headline (Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion: Unity with Catholics impossible because of “too many contradictions and misunderstandings”) is similar to our cropped and enhanced title but omitting our blunt language.

  2. In my opinion, the differences and separation is not real. Just as some Catholics today treat the Papacy and the Pope as a God, the orthodox have reacted over the years against this, and the day we clarify the limits of the Papacy and Pope, will be the day of their return. We have exaggerated the Papacy and are today paying a price for it.

  3. N.B. Bracketed ([]) additions by AQ Tom.

    How many times have popes issued ex cathedra statements to the universal Church requiring belief by all Catholics under pain of mortal sin [and automatic excommunication]? I can only think of one off-hand – that of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the BVM [and also her bodily Assumption]. So, what’s the big deal about papal authority anyway? [As the ultimate upholder of St. Paul’s charge “Custodi depositum (Protect the deposit)” of faith (see. 2 Tim. 1:14 and cf. 1 Tim. 4:16 and 6:14)” and if necessary by an infallible ex cathedra statement.] Can anyone actually believe that the doctrine of binding and loosening involves loosening an objective Evil or binding that self-same act as a Good [or preaching something “ex pulpito (from the pulpit)” saying something “ex colaphizo (off the cuff)” taken by others as “ex cathedra” as a new dogma or superdogma developing, interpreting or superceding preceding dogmas]? [No!] Seems that the belief in a God who is All-Good and All-Perfect, who could not by Nature approve of such logical contradictions, would by itself render such judgments unacceptable. [Yes!] But, then, that presupposes belief in such a God [and His authoritative, infallible and indefectible Church with an authoritative and (when necessary) infallible head (the Pope)].
    We know that Church History is replete with popes who have not lived, shall we say, up to the demands of the Office. But not one of them has taken upon himself the authority to declare Evil as Good and vice versa. Is the current pope to be the first to break that trend in an ex cathedra statement? I don’t think so but, then, only God knows the answer to that question. The current pope needs prayers; that’s for sure.

  4. Ex-Orthodox converts have confirmed to me the nationalistic ethos of the Greek Ortho schismatics. An encounter with a married Russian Orthodox priest years back ended most unhappily. Both sects exude hatred for the Catholic Church, despite their hypocritical use of the term “Catholic” whenever formally identifying themselves. I refer one and all to the riveting article by James Larson in the Catholic Order archives. He proves from Ortho doctrinal texts that they are, in fact, pantheists and have been since before the formal schism finally took permanent hold in the XIIIth Century,

  5. On infallibility: A. It has been de fide since Apostolic times, although not formalized dogmatically until Vatican One. B. It is severely restricted, as per the dogmatic definition itself. A number of V1 Council Fathers warned about just such restrictions after the Council. One prelate in the 1920s remarked as to the insanity of anyone who stupidly claimed “the pope can do ANYTHING!” That, of course, is precisely what Jorge wants the unwashed masses to think but, like so much else he absurdly claims, it just ain’t so. May he be run outta town on a rail and catch the next banana boat back to where he came from. 😉

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