The compleat respectable Catholic journalist

The compleat respectable Catholic journalist

By Phil Lawler  | Apr 30, 2018

So you want to be a respected Catholic journalist? You want to be invited to all the right conferences and symposia? Beginning tomorrow, try these simple steps.

  • Wake up, shower, have a good cup of coffee, and jump on Twitter.
  • Begin the day by denouncing any criticism of Pope Francis. (You’ll want these tweets posted early in the morning, East Coast time-right about when Vatican officials break for lunch.)
  • Next, denounce anyone who has dared to disagree with your analyses of Vatican statements.
  • Don’t just disagree; impugn the integrity of your adversaries. Question their motivations.
  • Accuse them of calumny, blasphemy, and schism.
  • Demand retractions. Threaten lawsuits.
  • Then, to close out a busy day, deliver a magisterial lecture on how Catholic commentators must learn to disagree politely.

[AQ Tom: To which can be added Hilary White’s “two cents” from What’s up with Francischurch?]

It would be easy to quit. It would be easy to get a job writing for a [or “the”?] Catholic news service, doing nice easy non-controversial stories about the pope visiting various countries and handing out gelato to the homeless. (I’d probably have to spend the rest of my life writing under a pseudonym…)

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2 comments on “The compleat respectable Catholic journalist

  1. Except quite a few of these supposedly “Catholic” journalists and bloggers are not really Catholic. There is a heavy American Protestant presence among the recent converts to neo-Catholic modernism dominating the neo-Catholic blogosphere, adding to the Bergoglian confusion and dissembling situation ethics. They have almost no experience with actual Catholic culture and zero experience in Catholic education or theology. It is not part of their lived experience or memory. They have only been exposed to neo-Catholic modernism in the Spirit of Vatican II. While they invoke Ultramontane notions of papal authority to prop up Pope Francis, their theology is thoroughly modernist mush. This is NOT Catholicism.

    When they attack traditional and conservative orthodox Catholics they regress back to their Jack Chick roots in Protestant anti-Catholic bigotry which is fun for them – bashing Catholics.
    This is a disgrace. It’s a disgrace that modernist bishops give such people Roman collars as if they were public library cards or that neo-Catholic publications give them columns as “Catholic” journalists. Did they undergo exorcism or renounce their anti-Catholic habits? Apparently not.

    Then there is that strange fusion of the Opus Dei version of modernism with folksy neo-Catholic “charismatics” that is popular at a certain “Catholic” cable television network and at a “charismatic” college with a heavy American Protestant presence. This isn’t Catholicism. It’s a cult. Catholics don’t roll around on the floor and bark nonsense at church. This was invented by vulgar, uneducated, ignorant Protestants and preys upon neo-Catholics with the same spiritual problems. AmChurch needs a new Catholic Counter-Reformation to prune away the Protestant errors and idiocy which have infiltrated the Church in recent decades. That includes all the apostate modernists who indulge this idiotic style of neo-Protestantism. If you want Protestantism join the Lutherans or Episcopalians. But save the lectures, ranting against Catholics who find this pope a disaster. Catholics have been arguing about popes for years. You would know that if you were part of Catholic culture. Let’s end the neo-Protestant reign of error in the Novus Ordo fever swamps.

  2. Excellent argument, Howl,

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