Old Mass Attracts Young Families “Very Much” – Cardinal Burke

Old Mass Attracts Young Families “Very Much” – Cardinal Burke

 en.news – 4/30/18

The Old Mass could contribute to the Church’s spiritual renewal “very much”, according to Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Answering to questions after his talk in Bratislava, Slovakia, on April 27, Burke explained that the Old Latin Mass was celebrated over a time span of fourteen centuries and has a “tremendous beauty”.

Burke was not afraid to admit that the alleged “reform of the liturgy” after Second Vatican Council ended “in all kind of abuses”.

After that, Catholics stopped attending Mass because the outcome of the “reform” was “not holy and did not attract”.

Burke has noticed that in the U.S. many young people with children are “very attracted” to the Roman rite.

A day later, Cardinal Burke celebrated the Old Latin Mass in St Elisabeth in Bratislava.

The church was full of young people and young families. Gloria.tv filmed the liturgy.

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6 comments on “Old Mass Attracts Young Families “Very Much” – Cardinal Burke

  1. Cd. Burke’s globetrotting celebrity while sticking to the conciliarist Party Line has grown old. Matters worsen weekly in the Occupied City and his attention is most urgently needed there. It’s nice that he has fans and that he raises points with which no reasonable Catholic takes issue but until he acts within his competency to stop the Bergoglian juggernaut by the legal remedies available, these visits to everywhere other than where his service to the Church is most needed, the vile Mob will only wreak greater havoc.
    You headed the highest court in the Vatican, Your Eminence. You know Canon Law and you have intelligent and important supporters, worldwide. For the love of God, ACT.

    • Could be that he looks at the odds of success via the system, and sees that the house always wins. Building up the base for an eventual showdown after the inevitable collapse of Jorche is the long game. Mere speculation on my part.

  2. ECS, waiting for just one top gun to call Wojtyla’s bluff, then B16’s and then five straight years of an X-rated version of the Howdy Doody Show, with Jack Chick filling in for Buffalo Bob, has taken its toll on my already limited patience.
    As usual, though, you’re prob’ly more right than I. Well, gotta run. They just announced that my padded cell is ready.

    • Never get mad at a Chihuahua for not being a Great Dane. Cdl, Burke, much as I respect him, will never be Abp. Lefebvre.

      • K. I like Cd, Burke very much. See my goof-laden ire on the McElroy post for a sense of why I don’t sleep well even in this otherwise gorgeous environ. I do have hope a real warrior bishop will turn up but I don’t have the patience to just keep watching this crap go on daily,

  3. By the way, my daughter’s mini-dachshund OWNS two Great Danes. Every time the three meet up for a play date, the Danes do EXACTLY as they are “told” by 12 pounds of tenacious,
    badger-eating German intensity.

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