Cardinal Nichols says Alfie Evans case ‘used for political aims’

Cardinal Nichols says Alfie Evans case ‘used for political aims’

[Another BritChurch bishop suffering from hoof-in-mouth disease – in this case, the Cardinal Primate, who seems to have a bad case, because this is not the first occasion of its manifestation! – AQ Tom]

The cardinal’s words came amid growing criticism of the English Church’s handling of the case

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has defended Alder Hey hospital’s role in the Alfie Evans case.

During a visit to Poland on Sunday, the cardinal reportedly criticisedpeople who “sought political capital” from the case, and said some who took a stand on the case “didn’t serve the good of the child”.

“It’s important to remember Alder Hey Hospital cared for Alfie not for two weeks or two months, but for 18 months, consulting with the world’s top specialists – so its doctors’ position that no further medical help could be given was very important,” he said, according to The Tablet.

“The Church says very clearly we do not have a moral obligation to continue a severe therapy when it’s having no effect, while the Church’s Catechism also teaches that palliative care, which isn’t a denial of help, can be an act of mercy. Rational action, spared of emotion, can be an expression of love; and I’m sure Alfie received this kind of care.

“It’s very hard to act in a child’s best interest when this isn’t always as the parents would wish – and this is why a court must decide what’s best not for the parents, but for the child,” he added.

His comments come amid growing criticism of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Pope Francis, along with world leaders such as President Andrzej Duda of Poland and President Antonio Tajani of the European Parliament, called for authorities to respect the wishes of Alfie’s parents, who wanted to transfer him to Italy. The Italian government also granted the infant citizenship to help enable this.

However, the English and Welsh bishops defended the hospital and courts, saying in a statement earlier this month that “all those who are and have been taking the agonising decisions regarding the care of Alfie Evans act with integrity and for Alfie’s good as they see it.”

That position has been strongly criticised online, particularly since Alfie’s death on Saturday. Among the critics was Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, who said the bishops should “hang their heads in shame”.

However, Cardinal Nichols told the Polish Church’s information agency, KAI: “Wisdom enables us to make decisions based on full information, and many people have taken a stand on Alfie’s case in recent weeks who didn’t have such information and didn’t serve the good of this child. Unfortunately, there were also some who used the situation for political aims.”

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6 comments on “Cardinal Nichols says Alfie Evans case ‘used for political aims’

  1. For this Cardinal to claim wisdom is like Bergoglio claiming he is infallible!

  2. You might want to tell this moron of a Cardinal, they withheld food for three days before giving him some milk, by then it was to late ! That takes real wisdom !

  3. I really don’t know if Bella Dodd’s famed confession was more legend than fact but even were it only 2% on the money, such vacuous dingbatry as Nichols’ vile statist subservience would be Exhibit A that at least that much of what Dodd said was true.

  4. The Church and Catholic institutions have been infiltrated: pervs, fruitcakes, Commies, Marxists, freemasons, the Illuminati, various anti-Catholic secret societies, crypto-Lutherans, and neo-gnostics, et al. But this sounds more like Stockholm Syndrome. Mealy-mouthed limp-wristed modernists sucking up to the party line of Orwellian Statists, Malthusians, climate change hysteria freaks, and euthanasia enthusiasts. It’s a symptom of the decadence of modernism and their loss of faith.

    We have already had an experience here (in the U.S.) with Obamacare death panels pushing pain relief only to hurry along the dying process of a family member. This is part of the Malthusian agenda of global warming and climate change hysteria. The “useless eater” argument of utilitarians worried about how many carbon units human beings are using. You will notice that you don’t get this from PETA activists or Humane Society people about dogs.

    When it really is time for someone to pass on, fine. But no one would have been harmed from allowing this little boy to travel to Rome for treatment and care in a Catholic hospital for a few more weeks. It’s about more than Alfie. They want Malthusian death panels in ALL hospitals to push hurrying all of us along because of global warming ideology and carbon units. The Malthusians are coming for you next.

    Get the euthanasia music from Soylent Green ready. Beware of hospitals.

    • HowlinglyAbsurd says:

      We have already had an experience here (in the U.S.) with Obamacare death panels pushing pain relief only to hurry along the dying process of a family member.

      More than “pushing pain relief”: In some areas or cases, governments, insurance companies, and “healthcare” institutions will not offer insurance-covered medicines or treatments for the elderly or infirmed, because they are too old or in poor condition to benefit from such (which they say should only be offered to those who would return to a capable and productive life). Instead they offer insurance-covered “medicines” or “treatments” for “assisted suicide”!

  5. Deciding when to give up on a patient, when it might be their time, is an ethical, moral, and spiritual decision, informed by Catholic moral theology, which should fall under the jurisdiction of both the patient and his or her family (and priest, if needed). It is not just a medical or scientific decision or question.

    Giving Alfie two more weeks or two more months in a Catholic hospital in Rome would not have harmed the secular doctors and nurses at the hospital in England. Every patient and every family is entitled to a second opinion and to pursue alternative treatment, especially including at a Catholic hospital with Catholic physicians, nurses, and chaplains. The idea that the decision that he should die at that time was scientific or medical (with scientific expertise and certainty) is absurd and pure BS. The worst kind of scientism and utilitarianism in the medical mafia. It’s part of the hubris of the kinds of really annoying dorks and nerds you find in those professions.

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