Baby Alfie Edition (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Your Catholic Week in Review (Baby Alfie Edition)

Michael Hichborn – 4/29/18

When Baby Alfie breathed his last, he did so in the arms of loved ones — his mother, his father, his Guardian Angel. 

Baby Alfie was surrounded by doctors, but not ones who would treat his illness.
Baby Alife was surrounded by the best of Western medicine, but it was never applied.
Baby Alfie was surrounded by nurses, but they refused to feed him.
Baby Alfie was surrounded by armed guards, but they never protected him.
Baby Alfie was surrounded by administrators, but none saw him as more than a dollar figure.
Baby Alfie was surrounded by ethicists, who did not deem him a life worthy of life.
Baby Aflie was prayed over by priests, but the Catholic bishops of the United Kingdom defended the hospital.

Baby Alfie deserved the full protection of his government, and instead was treated as a pathogen to the state.

Like a physical body reacting to injury, the Mystical Body of Christ recoils at the injury of one of her members.

In a secular society, inconvenient lives are merely that.  This isn’t the first time Europe has been savaged by armed guards, intent upon the death of the infirm and unwanted.  Winston Churchill — a man who dedicated the latter years of his political career to the defeat of Hitler’s murderous ideologies — if he saw Britain today, would possibly believe that the Nazis had actually won the Second World War.

One truly cannot condemn more the failure of the Catholic bishops of the United Kingdom to act.  Yet in stark contrast, the laity of England did react as the Body of Christ ought.

Millions of other Catholics in Italy, Poland, Ireland and the United States locked arms in prayer and fasting for the life of Baby Alfie.  Despite the prognostications of his so-called medical caretakers, Alfie held on for days — and though tragic, his state-directed murder (and that’s what happened here) will be the rallying cry for every other child held hostage by socialized medicine and their death panels.

The good news is that Baby Alfie showed us that Christendom is alive and well.  The not-so-good news is that our bishops once again are demonstrating that they must be led in holiness by the laity — and by examples of holiness and right action, not political duplicity mocked up as prudence and so-called dialogue.

Please pray for the Evans family and the repose of their son, Alfie.

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2 comments on “Baby Alfie Edition (Your Catholic Week in Review)

  1. The exceptional, tiny handful of good bishops aside, laics are on their own.
    Revolutionaries aren’t going to be led anywhere, especially by anyone who actually believes in dogma. As the Colonel pointed out earlier today on another post, cutting off their income is the only way to defeat these quislings.

  2. Quick inconvenient historical note: Sir Winston ran his final and unsuccessful campaign SUPPORTING NHS. Ooops!
    But, yes. It’s possible he may have not béen a euthanasia enthusiast, per se, despite his record on Covent Garden and Bomber Harris’ attack on Dresden.

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