Faggioli’s Inadvertent Indictment of FrankenPope

Faggioli’s Inadvertent Indictment of FrankenPope

[Faggioli is Italian for “beans”; his thoughts are not worth a hill of them! – AQ Tom]
by Christopher A. Ferrara – April 27, 2018

Massimo Faggioli, a reliable spokesman for the progressive American Catholicism that has abandoned the Church’s counter-cultural witness in favor of “social justice” palaver no Democrat would find objectionable, has just penned an inadvertent indictment of the pontificate he never ceases to laud as if it were a prelude to the Second Coming.  Faggioli’s article, entitled “A New American Phase for Francis,” is filled with damning praise for what Pope Francis has wrought.

In America, Faggioli declares with pleasure, Francis has “hardened” “the polarization of the Church into those who embrace Francis, and the vocal and often influential minority who see him as a threat to the faith.” By “vocal and influential minority” Faggioli means the Catholics in America who still adhere to the Church’s constant teaching on faith and morals, including the indissolubility of marriage and the absolute impermissibility of the intrinsic evil of contraception.

Francis, Faggioli observes with satisfaction, has introduced “far-reaching changes [that]… remind us of the changes shepherded by the pope who called Vatican II.”  I have little doubt that John XXIII would be horrified by the “far-reaching” changes in the Church since Vatican II, above all those Francis seeks to impose, seeing that Pope John insisted on the retention of the Latin liturgy only months before the Council and is reliably reported to have said on his death bed “Stop the Council! Stop the Council!”, as even EWTN recognizes.

Tellingly, Faggioli says that “Francis’ pontificate cannot be measured in terms of reform of ecclesiastical structures.” That’s because there haven’t been any, despite the myth of Francis the Great Reformer of the Curia, which in fact is more corrupt than ever as Henry Sire has shown in his The Dictator Pope.

So what exactly has Pope Francis accomplished that earns him endless hosannahs from the commentators such as Faggioli?   Quite simply:  a radical acceleration of the already disastrous liberalization of the Church. As Faggioli explains, “[W]hile concrete reforms are needed in the church, many theologians and many of the faithful see this pontificate as a moment for church reform that cannot be defined in terms of bureaucratic change, but theological and spiritual shifts.”

Ah, “theological and spiritual shifts”!  That’s the ticket to post-conciliar greatness in the Church of the “conciliar springtime.” And with Francis there’s a whole lot of shifting going on, including a shift away from the teaching of his own immediate predecessors on the “intrinsic impossibility” of Holy Communion for public adulterers.  Indeed, chief among the shifts of this shifty pontificate, says Faggioli, “is ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ in which the pope, in the words of the Rev. James Martin, asked the church to ‘meet people where they are.’”

So, the “gay” activist priest hails Francis for “meeting people where they are” — that is, accommodating sin — and Faggioli, citing the gay activist, hails the abandonment of the teaching of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and all previous Popes on a matter of fundamental morality.

Citing the title of yet another conference of progressives called to hail Francis, this one at Villanova University, Faggioli unblushingly presents him — alone among 266 Popes, evidently — as “a Voice Crying Out in the World: Mercy, Justice, Love, & Care for the Earth.”

What about care for the salvation of souls by converting them to Christ and bringing them into the Church?  Apparently, there has been a “theological and spiritual shift” away from something as old hat as the divine commission to make disciples of all nations.

Faggioli tut-tuts that “Catholic critics [have] increased their resistance to his pontificate. This opposition — the geopolitical and cultural center of which lies in the U.S. — is notable both for the unprecedented gravity of its criticism and the high ecclesiastical rank of those who deliver it. These critics did not show up at the Villanova conference — or were not vocal if they did — but their influence in the church was felt throughout its seminars and sessions…. It took a pope from Latin America to expose the depth of this rift in North American Catholicism.”

Pope Francis the Great Divider!  The one who divides orthodox Catholics from the progressive vanguard Francis is leading. This, according to Faggioli, is a good thing.  In fact, it is a ringing indictment of what may well be the most disastrous pontificate in the history of the Church.

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