The Vatican’s ‘Unite to Cure’ Conference’s New Age gifts

 Posted by hereisjorgebergoglio on Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Vatican’s ‘Unite to Cure’ Conference’s New Age gifts

Edward Pentin tweeted a tweet (see below) out yesterday.  It is about the gifts being given to the participants Vatican Conference, ‘Unite to Cure’ and reveals that pseudo-scientist, Deepak Chopra, and Self-Help and Actualization Movement motivator, Tony Robbins, will be speakers.  While a good portion of the conference seems to be about the use of adult stem cells in chronic diseases why are they having celebrity gurus such as these address the participants?  Why also the push of eastern pseudo-mysticism with the all-seeing eye?

— the Gifts — 

Text accompanying the Charm Bangle & Men’s Cuff.

Meditating Eye Color Infusion Charm Bangle — Cost $42.00.

 Notice the all-seeing eye — as above.
The all-seeing eye — as below. Plus recycle charms and other charms. 

Meditating Eye Men’s Cuff — Cost $48.00
The meditating eye, not the Eye of Providence or the Eye of God. 
The company which manufactures the jewelry, Alex and Ani, donated 20% of the purchase price to a foundation which teaches Transcendental Meditation (TM).

“transcendental meditation is an eastern (Hindu) meditation technique that involves repeating a mantra (usually a Sanskrit sound) designed to bring the practitioner into a “higher form of consciousness” for the purpose of finding God within himself. This technique conflicts with authentic Christian prayer”

Transcendental Meditation? Not a Good Idea, Catholic Answers, (27 September 2017)

Why couldn’t the Vatican have given out Rosaries as gifts, or saints medals, prints of famous Saints, religious books, anything that doesn’t smack of New Age spirituality or Eastern pseudo-mysticism?  Catholicism and science mix but the New Age and Eastern Orientalism are incompatible with both.  Intermingling the two with science and Catholicism will result in one-world despotism.

For those unfamiliar with adult stem cells, a brief video to introduce you to the subject and its incredible potentials.

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One comment on “The Vatican’s ‘Unite to Cure’ Conference’s New Age gifts

  1. Whether a pope likes it or not, EVERY public act sanctioned while he is in charge of the Vatican IS part of his official record. Demonic parting gifts and celebrity personalities ( although, how in the world Jack Nicklaus ended up in this mix completely escapes me ) have WHAT, exactly, to do with an official event sponsored by the Vatican?
    Oh, wait.. This is Francis’ Vatican.
    Never mind…

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