The Gospel according to St Malcolm

Friday, 27 April 2018

The Gospel according to St Malcolm

1. And they brought unto Jesus a sick baby, saying “Master, wilt thou heal this child, or at least take him to Rome, where he may be cared for?”2. But Jesus said, “Nay, I will not fight against the doctors, who say that he is better off dead.

3. For I say unto you, the weak and helpless ye will always have with you.

4. But do not give unto them food and drink, for it will make you unpopular with the judges, the soldiers, and indeed the doctors.”

5. And His disciples marvelled, and said “It is true. For we have heard the story of the Good Shepherd.

6. Who when one of his sheep is in danger, kicketh it into the ditch and goeth off to look after the ones who are healthy.”

sheep in ditch

“Watch out, here comes the Good Shepherd!”

7. So the disciples issued a statement, explaining that they had full confidence in the doctors, and especially their wish to take away from the baby his food, his drink, the air he breathed, and – if possible – his parents.

8. “The professionalism of those who have decided that the child must die quickly is recognised and affirmed,” they said.

9. Then Jesus spake a parable, telling of the man who was attacked and robbed on the road to Damascus.

10. And there came by a Samaritan, who seeing that the man was injured and near to death, took him to an inn and starved him.

11. “I tell you, the Samaritan was a neighbour to the man attacked by robbers. Go and do thou likewise.”

Good Samaritan

“See that he doesn’t get any food or drink.”

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