Trouble in another “socialist paradise”

[Trouble in another “socialist paradise”]

[Will President Trump (like President Reagan in the 1980s) support a new Contra counter-revolutionary movement in Nicaragua against Dictator Dan and his Commie-rads? – AQ Tom]

Catholic World News – 4/25/18

Church to act as mediator as Nicaragua protests continue (AP)

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes “called on the government and members of civil society to avoid any violence and damage to public or private property to set the right atmosphere for productive dialogue,” according to the report.”

[Nonetheless] Daniel Ortega maintains his grip as protests rock Nicaragua (Financial Times)

The Central American nation, ruled by Daniel Ortega for 22 of the past 39 years, has been convulsed by almost a week of anti-government protests in which at least 25 people have died.


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