Godlike [Novichok] State: United Kingdom Owns The Children – Not the Parents

Godlike [Novichok] State: United Kingdom Owns The Children – Not the Parents

 en.news – 4/25/18

Pope Francis told the president of the Vatican hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome, Mariella Enoc, last week “to do everything possible and impossible” to save the little Alfie Evans, a British two-year-old who suffers from a neurodegenerative disorder.

On April 23, Italy granted Alfie citicenship and is waiting to fly him in a military jet to Rome.

In the last days high ranking European politicians including the Polish president Andrzej Duda called on the U.K. to support the boy who “must be saved”.

Only in the [Novichok] United Kingdom there is a total absence of any prominent supporter for the rights of Alfie and his parents.

The British judge Anthony Hayden, who handed down a death-sentence to Alfie, is a member of “The Bar Lesbian and Gay Group” and co-authored a book about homosexual relationships and adoption.

Hayden based his evil judgement on the false diagnosis of British doctors that Alfie couldn’t breathe on his own. Once the breathing-machines were switched off, Alfie proved them wrong – and continued breathing on his own.

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