Diocese: Priest removed from Upstate Catholic classroom after disciplinary incident

Diocese: Priest removed from Upstate Catholic classroom after disciplinary incident

[How discipline in Catholic schools has changed since the “old days.”  I remember hearing of an incident (in post-V2 times) at a Catholic high school run by an order of religious brothers, where one of the brothers slapped a student in class.  The student’s father was a policeman, who had the brother arrested for slapping the boy – an offense of battery not assault.  The brother’s superior ordered him to plead guilty to the charge (the penalty for which was a small fine), because it would engender favorable publicity for the school’s reputation for discipline! – AQ Tom]

Posted: Apr 25, 2018 By Amanda Shaw

Rev. Richard Tomlinson (Source: Catholic Diocese of Charleston)
Rev. Richard Tomlinson

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston confirmed on Wednesday that a priest at Prince of Peace Catholic School was removed from teaching.

Rev. Richard Tomlinson is accused of grabbing a student’s hand in Latin class during a “disciplinary situation.” The diocese said the details of the incident remain under investigation.

The principal of the school removed Tomlinson from the classroom immediately after learning about the situation.

The diocese said Tomlinson is aware his actions violated their Code of Conduct and has since apologized to the student and his parents.

Tomlinson will not return to teaching and will have to take a Safe Environment boundary training class.

According to his biography on the Prince of Peace website, Tomlinson was ordained to the priesthood in November 2009. He served as parochial vicar for Prince of Peace Catholic School from 2011 to 2013, and 2015 to present.

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2 comments on “Diocese: Priest removed from Upstate Catholic classroom after disciplinary incident

  1. I went to an all boys Catholic HS in the 50’s and most of the boys got hit for something! It was run by the Christian Brothers of Ireland ! If you did not do your Latin Homework 📚. You were called to the front of the class, held out your hands and were hit by a big fat strap ! No big deal ! Most of us got smacked with the back of a hand to the head,again , we all got a lot worse fighting on the streets or from our parents if we misbehaved . We have raised a generation of “ wooses” ! The fighting I learned on the streets of New York as a kid has helped keep me alive in other situations! Never hesitate! I will leave it at that!

  2. Amen, Amen I say to you: listen to the voice of our Captain; he knows what he’s talking about – borne on the streets of NY and leavened with the discipline of the Christian Brothers before that Order joined the newchurch.

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