Benedict XVI Against German Protestant Communion

BREAKING, Benedict XVI Against German Protestant Communion

[Not in the sense of the self-evident fact that KrautChurch is now a Protestant communion (i.e., a church or as V2 calls it, an “ecclesial community”) but in the sense of “to take the bread of the children (i.e., Holy Communion), and to cast it to the dogs” (Matthew 15:26)! – AQ Tom] – 4/25/18

Benedict XVI has given “his full support to the seven bishops and their letter to the Vatican” against Protestant Communion, reports Edward Pentin.

Writing in (April 25), Pentin refers to “reliable and authoritative sources”.

In February, the [totally decadent] German bishops’ conference “allowed” Protestants to receive Holy Communion.

But seven bishops oppose the move and called on Rome for clarification [which probably will never be given].

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