Bavaria to display crosses in all government buildings

Bavaria to display crosses in all government buildings

The German state’s government said it would reflect its ‘cultural identity and Christian-Western influence’

Bavaria’s regional government has ordered crosses to be placed at the entrances of all state administrative buildings. The state’s conservative administration said that the crosses should reflect Bavaria’s “cultural identity and Christian-Western influence”. The decree was passed on Tuesday and won’t apply to federal government buildings in Bavaria.

The predominantly Catholic state’s public schools and courtrooms are already obliged to display crosses at entrances. Bavaria is governed by the Christian Social Union [CSU], the Bavarian partners of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats who tend to be more conservative on social issues. The decision comes after last September’s federal election, which saw a rise in support for the anti-immigration and populist Alternativ für Deutschland.

Horst Seehofer, former CSU premier of Bavaria and now Germany’s interior minister, has pressed Merkel’s government for tighter immigration controls. Following the reelection of Viktor Orban in Hungary earlier this month, Seehofer warned that the European Union had displayed “arrogance and paternalism” to states like Hungary.

Bavaria’s current President, Markus Söder, has followed a similarly conservative line once saying “one thing is clear for the CSU: Crucifixes belong in classrooms, headscarves don’t”.

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One comment on “Bavaria to display crosses in all government buildings

  1. Bavaria Honors The Cross – [Former] Catholic Church Condemns The Move!
    The Bavarian government decreed that from June on every public administration building must display a cross. The decision was followed by furious reactions from the liberal media.
    Among the sharpest critics are the pro-sodomite Würzburg university chaplain Fr Burkhard Hose and Bochum professor of “Catholic” dogmatics, the layman Georg Essen.
    The German bishops’ webpage (April 25) calls on the state to be “secular” and “neutral” [but strongly defends State sponsored Church tax].
    In October 2016, Cardinal Marx of Munich, Bavaria, removed his pectoral cross when visiting the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem out of “respect” for the Islamic hosts.

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