Polemics: FrankenPope Rebrands Faithfulness as “Rigidity”

Polemics: FrankenPope Rebrands Faithfulness as “Rigidity”

 en.news – 4/24/18

Pope Francis co-presided on April 24 a New Mass in Santa Marta with the nine cardinals who are members of his council.

In his homily, Francis railed again against “doctors of the law” denouncing their “rigidity” and “close-mindedness”.

He then complained that there are “oppositions to novelties and changes”.

Francis’ polemics reminded of anti-Catholic street propaganda which disparages faithfulness as “rigidity” and logical thinking as “close-mindedness”. At the same time heresy is branded as “change” and lapsing into the old mistakes as “novelties”.

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One comment on “Polemics: FrankenPope Rebrands Faithfulness as “Rigidity”

  1. Exceedingly hard to believe this is really occurring, even five years into this farce. The intellect recognizes it for what it is, and that all but defies description.

    Yet, the heart is still stricken by what the mind knows, hoping for even the least sign of serious reversal of the madness, the consequence of which is perhaps worse than imagination suggests.

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