Alfie breathes

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Alfie has been sustaining his own life since 9:17…” —Tom Evans, 21, father of 23-month-old Alfie Evans, yesterday evening in Liverpool, England, after British doctors removed Alfie from his breathing tube at 9:17 p.m. — 12 hours ago as of this writing…


The removal was decided after British authorities were informed by Italian government authorities that Alfie had unexpectedly been granted Italian citizenship.


A UK judge ruled during a conference call earlier in the evening that this fact would not change a previous court decision that the hospital could remove the baby’s life support in the conviction that it was in Alfie’s “best interest.”


The call happened between the family’s legal team, Justice Hayden, the Italian ambassador to England, and hospital administration.


Reportedly, everyone involved — the hospital authorities, the legal authorities, and even the child’s parents — expected that, without the breathing tube, Alfie would stop breathing on his own within minutes, and so would die.


But Alfie did not stop breathing…


Doctors have been left “gobsmacked” (astonished) by the fact that Alfie continued to live after his life-support was withdrawn, Tom Evans said.


Here is a photo of Alfie this morning in his mother’s arms…




6 hours of breathing on his own so far, what a fighter! I’m sure this is much longer than his executioners thought possible… His parents must be so proud. Please Lord, help him through this night.” —Comment by a reader in the comment section of a article during the night, about six hours ago as of this writing


“The Court based their decision [to cease all treatment]at least in part on the fact that he was incapable of breathing without sophisticated medical intervention. That fact has now been proven wrong…” ——Comment by a reader in the comment section of a article during the night




Alfie Still Alive… Though His Breathing Tube Has Been Removed


Little Alfie Evans is still alive as of this writing, more than 12 hours after being removed from a breathing tube last night at 9:17 p.m., London time.


However, he could cease breathing at any time.


There is no explanation that has been offered for why he has been able to breathe on his own for so many hours.


During the night, baby’s parents asked if Alfie could have oxygen, to help his breathing, but the hospital refused to administer any oxygen.


After several hours, seeing that Alfie was breathing on his own, Alfie’s father, Tom Evans, 21, asked hospital authorities to re-attach a hydration tube so that Alfie could receive water.


The hospital agreed.


The hydration tube was re-attached.


After another period of time, the hospital also agreed also to administer oxygen to the child.


So Alfie is now on a hydration tube, and is receiving oxygen, but he is breathing on his own.


“Alfie is sustaining his own life,” his father said, repeatedly, on a Facebookvideo posted last night.


A video of his father saying this can be seen at the website (link).

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  1. Deo gratias! Deo gratias! Deo gratias!

  2. Alfie Evans is not the only case in medical history of a child amazing his skeptics, silencing them. God can never be outdone in charity.

  3. A Brit paper reports an Italian rescue chopper was headed to pick up the child for transport to Italy. 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

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