Very Few Vocations in the Diocese of Rome

Very Few Vocations in the Diocese of Rome

[Should FrankenPope turn the formation of priests for the Diocese of Rome over to the Neocatechumenal Way (as some other dioceses have), because they produce more priests? – AQ Tom]

Gloria.TV News – 4/23/18

Last Sunday, Pope Francis ordained in Saint Peter’s 16 priests, but only five of them belong to the diocese of Rome and were educated in Francis’ Seminary. Six others are from the Neocatechumenal Way. Only one of them is European. The other five priests ordained by Francis belong to religious communities. The Roman Diocese has according to Church statistics over 2 Million Catholics.

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One comment on “Very Few Vocations in the Diocese of Rome

  1. More “notizie false (fake news)” from the Vatican? Or is the Diocese of Rome stealing potential priests from parts of the world that need them?
    The headline on Vatican News reads,”Pope Francis ordains 16 deacons [to the priesthood], including 11 for the diocese of Rome, during Mass at the Basilica of St Peter”, while the text of the article reads, “The sixteen men ordained on Sunday come from all over the world: in addition to five Romans and three Indians, the new priests hail from Croatia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Colombia, El Salvador, Madagascar, Romania, and Peru” [emphasis added].

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