Europe Faces Demographic Collapse

Europe Faces Demographic Collapse – 4/23/18
[Bracketed comments by AQ Tom]
“Unless something is done rapidly, Europe risks a total demographic collapse” according to Antoine Renard, president of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Brussels.

It is already clear that the reigning cross-party anti-family ideology will not allow measures to be taken [in effect saying to the indigenous Europeans, “Keep using those pills and condoms as well as doing those sterilizations and abortions!”].

Talking to Catholic News Service (April 19), Renard calls for a political support to start families. Governments need to “put the family at the centre of national policies.”

The European Union had 1.58 live births per woman in 2015. The replacement level would be around 2.1 births per woman.

Failed politicians like Angela Merkel try to cover the disastrous results of their family policies by stealing [and allowing] people from the third world [especially Muslims with their terrorists], depriving these countries of their youth and creating a demographic catastrophe also there [as well as not caring about the effects of such migration on the culture and social order of those European countries].

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5 comments on “Europe Faces Demographic Collapse

  1. LV excerpts this quote from the 2018 Pre-synodal Document: “The Church oftentimes appears as too severe and is often associated with excessive moralism … We need a Church that is welcoming and merciful, which appreciates its roots and patrimony and which loves everyone, even those who are not following the perceived standards… Erroneous ideals of model Christians feel out of reach to the average person and thus so do the rules set by the Church. Therefore, for some, Christianity is perceived as an unreachable standard.”

    On the contrary, in the area of sexual morality we are not talking about “unreachable standards… out of reach rules… erroneous ideals…” Instead, sexual morality deals with the very survival of society that hinges on each individual embracing his/her positive duty of generously passing on the gifts of life and faith to future generations. This positive duty is especially incumbent upon those who have entered the married state and enjoy the rights and privileges thereof.

    A sociologist once likened the crisis of demographic winter (less than replacement birth-rate) to that of a locomotive which has begun to descend backwards down a steep hill. It’s nearly impossible to reverse its course. Indeed, to reverse the current downward demographic trend will take a miracle. Yet, where are the bishops to exhort families to have more children? Where is the Catholic Church’s teaching on the primacy of the procreative end of marriage and sexual intercourse? Where are the prayers for more children to grace our baptismal fonts, our pews and our schools?

    St. Anthony, pray for us!

    • Anthony says:
      Yet, where are the bishops to exhort families to have more children?

      [Not in the West but in places such as the following]
      Catholic bishop asks Kenyans to get more children than the average two per family
      Author: Mary Wangari – 4/25/18
      The bishop said the media had mislead Kenyans on the proper definition of a family – He said Kenyans were being manipulated to believe that having the best family was getting few children – The bishop said having children was not the cause of poverty and couples should bring forth many children
      The Catholic Church has put the media on the spot for selling out a misleading image of a proper family set-up to the society. According to the church, a large section of the media depicts a family as one comprising a couple and two children. Speaking during a confirmation exercise at Kibabii parish in Bungoma, area Bishop Norman King’oo Wambua said most magazines post photos of a father, mother and two children.
      He said this is meant to manipulate people’s mind in seeing the best family as having few children. According to Wambua, children are not a cause of poverty and couples should bring forth many children. “The cause of poverty in our country is mismanagement of available resources and corruption. The country needs a large population for prosperity, thus the need for parents to have more children,” he argued.
      “This propaganda of depicting a family as father, mother and two children must stop. It is just meant to discourage parents from having more children. I get disgusted when I see magazines posting photos of only four people as a family,” said the cleric.
      At the same time, he urged Kenyans to embrace education, adding that it is only through it that poor families can improve their lives.
      Confirmation in Catholic is a sacrament believed to strengthen one’s relationship with God. Over 634 converts at the parish were given the sacrament.

  2. Bp. Wambua is, of course, spot on. And that means the ONLY places anyone will learn what he said will be AQ and a few other Catholic websites. Revolutionaries in the Church and their business partner, the secular state, do not want such news to circulate, just as another recent post on this forum indicates in the Evans case in the UK.

  3. We need a Roman Catholic version of this bishop:
    Infants to be baptized in the Traditional Latin Rite, of course!

  4. And now we have Hollywood movies such as: Kingsmen & Avengers which feature genocide in order to save the planet from over-population, per Chris Plante at about 1:15 point of the podcast for 4/27/18:

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