Cardinal Müller Unjustly Slams Pro-Lifers Who Criticise Francis’ Pro-Abortion Bias

Cardinal Müller Unjustly Slams Pro-Lifers Who Criticise Francis’ Pro-Abortion Bias – 4/22/18

Pro-life activists worldwide criticise Pope Francis for relativizing abortion by equating it with social-justice issues like migration and poverty.

In his Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate, 101, Francis claims that the lives of people suffering are “equally sacred” as the lives of innocent children ignoring the fact that suffering and being killed is in no way the same thing.

Continuing his zig-zag strategy Cardinal Gerhard Müller has criticised these voices talking to (April 21). Müller claimed that it is “clearly improper to categorize Francis as an ideologue of the anti-culture of death”.

But it is a fact that Francis awarded in 2017 the Dutch politician Lilianne Ploumen, a ruthless propagandist for abortion, with the Pontifical Order of St Gregory.

In Italy he promotes people like Emma Bonino who, although no medical doctor, performed more than 10,000 illegal abortions herself. Bonino is perceived in her own country as the Italian “Mrs Abortion”.

Francis also cultivates a close friendship with the evil Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfariwhose newspaper La Repubblica is the leading pro-abortion rag in Italy.

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3 comments on “Cardinal Müller Unjustly Slams Pro-Lifers Who Criticise Francis’ Pro-Abortion Bias

  1. Time to put down those beer steins I only just recommended hoisting to celebrate something or other the exCDF Maximum Leader said the other day.
    Dagnab it! Just when one of ’em shows a bit of common sense, whoooosh! – right back down the rabbit hole…
    This isn’t a papacy. It’s a looped replay of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, the latter bearing an uncanny resemblance to some Argentine nimrod whose mug is in the papers rather frequently.
    Anyway, next round – order a Bud. 🍺🍺

  2. My only question is why does the Church even have Cardinals! They are nothing but do nothing political hacks put into place by a bigger political hack who was elected by the last generation of political hacks ! It has to be obvious to anyone paying attention that the pronouncements by the chief political hack/dictator is so out of line with any reality, and for his minions and his blogger Buffoons who try and justify his claptrap is mind blowing! Anyone who is for abortion, is an evil person and to equate this Seamless Garment BS with abortion and migrants are totally evil ! Cardinals and bishops are included with the dictator in chief ! Muller and his ilk are jokes and serve no useful purpose in society! They are all like our political class, worthless politicians!

  3. RHIP. It was rife among the Apostles. Although, some truly impressive Doctors, like Jerome and St. Robert Bellarmine brought distinction to the rank. It’s just part of the chain of command. It may be a divinely ordained mechanism to stave off the even more terrifying prospects of having thousands of bishops meet up in sunny Nuovo Roma to elect a new pope once Francis cashes in his chips… the last time so many mitred wonders invaded Rome’s priciest ristorantes and five star hotels … We. Got. Vatican II. 😱😱😱

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