20 Immediate Actions to End the Protestantization of the Catholic Church

We often hear today of very concerning actions taking place in the Church – even in Rome itself.  And while it is important that we study these materials in detail since heresy is often a drop of poison in a good cup of wine – rather than all rotten truths – we need to raise our mind to more of a 30,000 foot overview at times.  In failing to do so, we get so involved in the details that we forget what we really need to do to help save the Catholic Faith from the rapid protestantization occurring among the faithful today.

Let’s focus on the Top 20 Actions Holy Mother Church needs to make.  Let us pray and work for these to occur.

1. The Restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass – the Mass of All Times – in all Latin Rite parishesand the abolition of the 1969 Rite of Mass.

2. The immediate end of Communion in the hand

3. The elimination of lay extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion (often erroneous called “Eucharistic ministers”)

4. The restoration of altar rails and Holy Communion received kneeling

5. An immediate reduction in annulments which have become a “get out of marriage free” card.

6. Require all Fridays to be meatless rather than offer the option to substitute a penance for Fridays outside of Lent, since no one even knows or observes this

7. Restore all of Lent as 40 days of fast and abstinence

8. Immediately cease false ecumenism and resume true missionary work, since we hold that outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation. Ecumenism downplays Christ.

9. Prohibit cremation for Catholics

10. Eradicate the false concepts of human freedoms which have worked their way in the Church

11. Publicly condemn the masons as the Popes had previously done for centuries

12. Suppress the Neocatechumenal Way

13. Restore proper understanding of liberty of conscience as a grave evil

14. Clarify that non-Catholics who divorce and re-marry are in the state of sin and may not receive Holy Communion since they are not in God’s grace

15. Condemn Medjogorje

16. Remove the so-called Luminous Mysteries since it is not possible to add to the Rosary as revealed by Our Lady

17. Encourage more frequent Confession and preach on the necessity of being in grace for salvation

18. Restore the Church to the glory she had before the revolution that occurred at Vatican II.

19. Instill in the Faithful the necessity to resist the insatiable desire for earthly goods and riches

20. Undo the separation of Church and State

Let us pray and actively work to achieving all of these.  Lord have mercy!

As a final suggestion, please re-read Traditionalism Vs. Modernism by Fr. Peter Carota

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