FrankenPope’s Preferred Exorcist Is a “Charismatic Lutheran” Self-Styled “Bishop”

FrankenPope’s Preferred Exorcist Is a “Charismatic Lutheran” Self-Styled “Bishop”

[Because he has never been validly ordained to any Holy Order (especially the minor order of exorcist, which since Pope Paul VI abolished it in 1972, I opine is implicitly included in ordination to any major order (subdeacon, deacon, priest, bishop), his exorcisms are as effective as those of any huckster exorcist (and may be more dangerous, because when an amateur attempts an exorcism, there is the danger that the possessing devil may enter the person attempting the exorcism – I use “attempt” in the theological/canonical sense as for “attempting marriage” by someone who is not eligible to do so – such as a priest or religious under the vow of celibacy or chastity)! – AQ moderator Tom] – 4/20/18

Professor Giuseppe Ferrari, an organizer of the annual “Course on Exorcism“ at the Roman University “Regina Apostolorum” which belongs to the Legionaries of Christ, told the fake-news New York Times (April 19) that for next year’s conference he wants to invite “the Pope’s preferred exorcist, a Lutheran”.

Ferrari does not mention his name.

However, in March 2013 the Argentinean Diario Popular named the flamboyant Lutheran preacher Manuel Acuña as “Pope Francis’ Favourite Exorcist”.

Acuña who calls himself a “bishop” and dresses up like a Catholic bishop, is a personal friend of Francis. He belongs to the “Charismatic Lutheran church of Argentina”. In March 2015 he performed an “exorcism” of a 22-year-old woman in live broadcast. called this live show “sexy and unusual”.

Bergoglio used to recommend Acuña as spiritual healer when someone showed signs of a diabolic possession.

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  1. Of all places any rational soul would most hope not wrongly to go it would have to be inviting diabolical forces to enter one’s life.
    And, then, we have ol’ Jorge, don’t we?
    Honestly, nobody’s THAT messed up… or, is he?

  2. Nah. He was prob’ly just accompanying one more stinky sheep to the periphery and tripped, or a coconut fell on his noggin, or somethin’… right?

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