KrautChurch “Conservative” Bishop in Shorts

KrautChurch “Conservative” Bishop in Shorts

Ursula Heller in a Bayern 2 interview with Fr. Stefan Oster SDS

[Can’t find a picture of our fair-haired bishop in shorts on pilgrimage or elsewhere, but here’s one of His Excellency in mufti (civvies) with journalist Ursula Heller for an interview on Bavaria TV station Bayern2; reminiscent of this happy couple! – AQ moderator Tom]

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Gloria.TV News – 4/19/18

This howling crowd are alleged pilgrims from the diocese of Passau, Germany, who have arrived in the basilica of the Bavarian shrine of Altötting. The man in shorts sitting on the steps next to the Novus Ordo meal table in shorts is the diocesan bishop, His Excellency, Monsignor Stefan Oster, S.D.S. (Salesian). He is considered to be a “conservative”.

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  1. TIA has photos of Wojtyla in shorts, too.
    Must be a Euroweenie thingy. Ick!

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