The Merry Morticians of Vatican II

The Merry Morticians of Vatican II

by Christopher A. Ferrara
April 16, 2018

Cardinal Tobin and His Crew Yukking It Up During the Great Apostasy

A Google search for images of the post-conciliar prelates who are presiding over the auto-demolition of the Church generally reveals that this ensemble of ecclesial malfeasors finds the situation they have created immensely amusing. Pope Francis himself has been quoted by his friend Cardinal Poli as declaring: “It’s very entertaining to be Pope.” And he does seem to be enjoying himself immensely:


But what exactly is so funny about catastrophic ecclesial decline as the human element of the Church is inexorably absorbed into the world following the disastrous “opening to the world” at Vatican II? The “gay”-friendly Cardinal Tobin (pictured above), given his red hat by Francis, typifies this merry mortician’s attitude toward the eclipse of the Faith of our fathers. In a puff piece in the ultra-progressive America magazine, Tobin tut-tuts about efforts to restore the doctrinal and liturgical integrity of the Church he is helping to demolish even as he lives royally at the expense of the remaining faithful.

“Even from ancient times,” he claims, “there have been individuals and movements who have tried to define and delimit what it means to be a Catholic Christian. Nevertheless, the universal church has always repudiated such attempts. It is only the Lord who ultimately judges who belongs or does not belong.”

Pure Modernist rubbish. It is not “individuals and movements” but rather the Church’s Magisterium, through ecumenical councils and solemn papal decrees, that has constantly defined and delimited what it means to be a Catholic. It is the Church that has anathematized — excluded from ecclesial communion — those who would deny articles of the Faith, while always being ready to receive again into communion the contrite and repentant sinner in the manner of the Prodigal Son. And what the Lord “ultimately judges” is precisely a soul’s correspondence to the very truths He Himself has declared as necessary for salvation and has commissioned His Church to preserve and hand down, in their original purity, until the end of time.

Not according to Cardinal Tobin. He scoffs at the very idea of “safeguard[ing] the treasure of the Christian tradition in its purest form from the corrosive intrusion of a corrupt society,” declaring that “The church has no other option but to turn outward.” Typical progressivist cant evincing the very mentality that has provoked an exodus from the Ark of Salvation by former Catholics who, thanks to theological pseudo-sophisticates like Tobin, are no longer told of the necessity to stay on board. Meanwhile, as America notes, Tobin has “welcomed a group of gay and lesbian Catholics on pilgrimage to the Newark cathedral” while observing ominously that “the church is moving on the question of same-sex couples.”

Tobin impugns the Church of which he is supposed to be a prince and defender unto death, accusing her of being “somewhat marginalized by many for what they see as a preoccupation with sexual ethics.” But, he continues, thanks to Amoris Laetitia (AL), there has been a “paradigm shift,” which, along with the Second Vatican Council, is “one of the many paradigm shifts” the Church has supposedly undergone.

More nonsense. The constant teaching and unbroken traditions of the Church are a rock of stability in a world of confusion. The rock that Christ founded on Peter cannot be “shifted” by the progressivist bromides of Hogarthian prelates, nor by the mere opinions of the current occupant of the Petrine office, who has no power to alter what has been handed down to him for safekeeping.

“As with all paradigm shifts,” Tobin suavely assures us, “[AL] provoked controversy.” Both AL and the “spirit” of the Council (as well as certain elements of its texts) do indeed represent the attempt at a paradigm shift — away from the preservation of the Church’s bimillenial doctrine and discipline for the salvation of souls and toward an attack on both doctrine and discipline the likes of which the Church has never seen before, not even during the Arian crisis.

And yet the merry morticians of Vatican II continue to wine, dine and guffaw their way to what they imagine will be the funeral of the bad old “pre-Vatican II Church.” In the end, however, it is only they who will be buried, along with all their vainglorious notions.

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