Bishop’s Palace Up For Sale

More info on the shakedown in my old home town. Bp. Malone’s new quarters will be in a significantly more modest setting. Again, he simply inherited this mess. And, once again, I have heard only positive comments about him from friends in Buffalo.

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2 comments on “Bishop’s Palace Up For Sale

  1. Nice building. To bad it is in Buffalo and NY State. It would have been a nice building to run all your secret operations out of. Probably needs to be exorcised before anyone moves in. It would also have to be tax exempt for anyone to actually live there.

  2. The street it’s on is THE most exclusive one in Buffalo, which has many truly elegant 19th and turn of the century masterpieces of which to boast.
    Both Buffalo and Lockport, NY, to the north, were home to some of the most prominent families outside of NYC in that era.
    Today, those elite preserves are still maintained, command a premium on the market and continue to astonish first time visitors to Western NY.
    And, you’re right, Skipper. It would make a great HQ. Straight out of a novel by Le Carre or Forsythe. The auxiliary bishop of the diocese and I have been friends since 1970. I’ll see if he can get me a terrific deal via Suzie Lenahan, whose name is in the article and with whom my late parents worked when looking for a home decades ago.

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