So Much Worse Than Most Think

Here, Rorate re-presents a scholarly analysis of Pius XII’s “reforms” of the Holy Week and Triduum Rites, authored by “the last Catholic Pope’s” protege, one Annibale Bugnini and a secretive group of fellow Revolutionaries in the 1950s.

This is all from official sources and makes for disturbing reading.

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One comment on “So Much Worse Than Most Think

  1. Canon Gregory Hesse’s review of the Pian era and why a Bugnini and even a future pope, Montini, were able to work their destructive agenda into what was, for most observers, a “conservative” era during which an impressively orthodox pope reigned is a necessary complement to the Rotate presentation. The only way to come fully to grips with Vatican II is to learn the hard facts of how Pius XII, whether he realized it or not, actually put into high positions the same men who would inaugurate the Revolution as soon as he was out of the picture.

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