Opie Dopie Head Honcho: The criticism of FrankenPope hurts me

[Opie Dopie Head Honcho: The criticism of FrankenPope hurts me]

From an extract from an interview with Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz published in “Vida Nueva,” a year after he was elected Opie Dopie Prelate: “Faithfully conserving the faith doesn’t make you ultraconservative”

[If His Excellency is “ultraconservative,” then I and fellow-minded Catholics must be so far to the right of him that we are off the grid! – AQ moderator Tom]

Opus Dei – 3/12/18

[Opie Dopie bishop Fernando Ocáriz] says he feels “pain” due to the polemic that has arisen in some circles of the Church on account of the apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia. “A son or daughter of the Church should never utter a destructive criticism of anyone, much less of the Pope,” he stresses.

“You can already see some effects of his [i.e., FrankenPope’s] evangelizing impulse. Francis is urging the Church to reflect, in an ever clearer way, the reality that she is the incarnation of divine mercy. He is a shepherd who is guiding his flock with his word and example: with the coherence between what he says and what he does. Also quite frequently he encourages people to have recourse to the sacrament of reconciliation. The results can already be seen in parishes. The Pope is also calling us to a more joyful and enthusiastic pastoral effort. He is providing support to families in their struggles, assuring them of our Lord’s assistance, despite all the difficulties and deficiencies.”

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