LifeNews has some headlines concerning Catholic matters in its April 13, 2018, posts that are exaggerated and distorting

[LifeNews has some headlines concerning Catholic matters in its April 13, 2018, posts that are exaggerated and distorting]

LifeNews (not to be confused with LifeSiteNews) has some headlines concerning Catholic matters in its April 13, 2018, posts that are exaggerated and distorting.

One is [Canadian] Catholic Church Revokes Funding From “Catholic” Group That Promotes Abortion on the Canadian bishops’ conference Development and Peace agency (the CanuckChurch equivalent to AmChurch’s Catholic Relief Services), both of which conduct overseas development work.  The headline implies that Canuck Church as a whole has revoked funding of that agency, while the text of the post correctly reports that only eight (currently ten) dioceses have revoked such funding, while unspecified “Catholic leaders” continue investigating the agency, which an initial report has found “partnering with organizations that promote abortion, contraception and gender theories contrary to Catholic Church teachings. … After a full investigation, the Canadian bishops said they may permanently defund the agency and give the money to other charities that promote the sanctity of every human life.” [Or whitewash the agency as an AmChurch investigation did of its Catholic Relief Services? – AQ moderator Tom]

The other is Catholic Church Disaffiliates “Catholic” College [i.e., California Dominican University] Hosting Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, implying that the local archbishop (San Francisco’s Salvatore Cordileone) has officially yanked the University’s status as a Catholic institution.  The truth from the text of the post is that Cardinal Newman Society (which has no official Catholic status) reports that since 2012 the University has not been listed in the Official Catholic Directory, which listing (based on information supplied by all US dioceses) is a sign of the official Catholic status of the institutions listed therein.  The Frsco Archdiocese has never said that it revoked the University’s Catholic status, from which one can conclude that the University quietly renounced its Catholic status by no longer reporting its listing to the Archdiocese for inclusion in the Official Catholic Directory, a tactic used by some other former Catholic colleges and universities.

In the 1970s Fordham University used that tactic to show that it was no longer a religiously (Catholic) affiliated institution (but now a “private independent” one) to be eligible for New York State grants (“Bundy money”).  A few years thereafter its listing mysteriously re-appeared in the Official Catholic Directory with no consequences from the State concerning its continuing Bundy money.


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