Contrary to public perception …

Contrary to public perception (and unlike the late priest-sociologist Andrew Greeley who is said to have published his every thought), I do not post on AQ everything that I read on the Internet especially about Catholicism and related contemporary matters – only that which I think is interesting enough for the AQ readership.  I file the rest in my memory in case I have to refer later to it for an AQ post or comment.

If and when I cease blogging on AQ, I would refer you to Canon212 and PewSitter for your daily dose of informative blogging about Catholicism and related contemporary matters .

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3 comments on “Contrary to public perception …

  1. Without you, Tom, our 17,000 online readers would instantly plummet to MSNBC leadership levels. I just got a message from a relative (about whom most of us in the family say, ahem, as little as possible) who runs a prosperous still, way up in the hills in Arkansas.
    I put him onto the daily adventures. at AQ some time ago and he’s been reading it ever since….
    “Deer Cuz. Please post this’n fo’ Tom on AQ…
    Mr. Tom, suh:
    Well, I’s ain’t all that smart but Ah sho’nuf feels Ah is whensoever y’all done post sumpin’ or other what’s got a lotta kick to it. You’d be doin’ a reel good job so don’cha go up an’ quit o’ nothin’, Tom.
    No, suh! Tarnation, who else’n coulda come up wi’ them heeelarious editorials by that there Mirus feller? Yeehaww he makes me laugh! Keep on keepin’ on, suh!

    Mos’ reeespekfly your’n,

    Jedediah X. Clabtrapper
    Mt. Vesuvius, AR ”

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