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FEBRUARY 16, 2014

I AM of the younger generation and a teenager, at that!

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is just a “fashion” now. Now, I’ve seen it all. It’s just as I thought, the Pope doesn’t like me because I want to be Catholic, to go to the Mass of All Time, the Mass my Patroness went to, because I want to see the Holy Faith shown in all it’s glory at the Latin Mass *with the doctrinal security*, of course, because I just want to carry the torch of the True Faith onward.

Take it up with Pope St. Pius V. He’s the one who codified the Latin Mass into law and called down the wrath of Almighty God and the Apostles Peter and Paul on anyone who would dare even touch the Mass, much less call it a “fashion.” Sure, I might sound harsh, but the truth has to be said no matter how many feelings it hurts.

Yes, Holy Father, I’m Catholic.

Catholic. I’m a Restorationist.

I want to see the Catholic Church restored.

I’m not Protestant and will not follow the ways of the Protestants, even if you do. I won’t follow you, if you do that. I disagree with you here. I have a duty to disagree with you and call you out when what you do or say goes against the Catholic Faith.

Calling the Holy Sacrifice a “fashion” is a disgrace and it hurt me terribly to read it. That Mass is my life, my everything, my God. That Mass gives the greatest glory to God. It’s liturgy is about God and God alone and not the pleasure of the people.

The devil knows the power of the Holy Mass and that, and that alone, is the reason why he’s tried to wipe it off the face of the earth, using the Modernists to accomplish such a thing. Such a thing will never happen because the Latin Mass is the truth and one day, one day, it’ll be the one and only Mass again for the Universal Church, as it should be.

Onward with the restoration of the Church! St. Peter, pray for your successor. Pray for the Pope.

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One comment on “An Inspiring Comment

  1. The young lady who wrote that four years ago on Louie’s site is an example of why, no matter how long it will take, THERE WILL BE A RESTORATION!

    Deo gratias!

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