If you have been visiting your favorite chiropractor more frequently in recent months for whiplash therapy, you’re not alone. Long intervals of incessant Sturm und Drang, punctuated by brief episodes of hopeful enthusiasm, can do a real number, physically and psychically, on anyone.

Hilary White’s shrug when asked about the Rome conference last weekend was the proper one for Catholic Realists in this endless war against the diabolical and all human absurdity.

Our time will likely never see much other than temporary reprieves from the plunge into insanity by church and state. A moderated burst of enthusiastic hopefulness is, of course, needed lest we all end up at Bellevue. However, if we remind one another that what little we can do to hand on Tradition, to the generations yet to come, does have its reward in the Great Beyond, then we at least remain grounded in Reality. Most liberals will never know, because they could not care less, the comfort found in having any sense of purpose beyond immediate gratification of whatever disordered appetite they are seeking to indulge.

We do know, however. Thank God.

Sure, a miracle might occur but that is not usually God’s “Plan A”, although He well and truly granted such to Portugal while the rest of the planet sank into a cauldron between the 1930s and 1960s.

That spritual, political and economic miracle was a direct result of massive, intense repentance by the Portugese people themselves, under good bishops, and directly due to Our Lady appearing in Fatima. It is a stunning, true story.

And, yes, it could be repeated in any country, again – if only… etc.

One reminder that God hasn’t completely abandoned us was the inexplicable case of the Jesuits in Hiroshima and their impossible, but medically verified, survival of a direct hit by the first atomic bomb attack in history. All the priests were perfectly fine while just outside their rectory door everything had been reduced to pea-sized rubble.

So, that’s it. While the Motel 6 Mob continues to run amok, while the US continues to unmake the greatness it may, or may not, have once enjoyed and while the entire planet chaotically goes about everything else, oblivious to two miracles intended to demonstrate just what God actually wills – abandonment of self and worldliness through Our Lady’s assistance (which IS infallible), we do know what to do.

Keep shruggin’. Keep passing on the Tradition. And, if you like, it really is okay to pray for another “Plan A” event, just to help move things along…

祈る (Pray)

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