FrankenPope is not facing the people any longer

FrankenPope is not facing the people any longer

[Not at Mass but at dining; he could return to the old Roman custom of the pope dining alone, which B16 revived during his pontificate – AQ moderator Tom]

Gloria.TV News – 4/9/18

La Fede Quotidiana has revealed a detail of Pope Francis’ new dining habits. Until the recent past, Francis used to eat in the common refectory of Casa Sancta Marta facing the other bishops and prelates. Seeing Francis looking at them kind of forced them to come up and greet him. This turned out to be complicated. But the problem is now resolved. Francis is now turning his back to rest of the diners: no eye-contact, no greeting.

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One comment on “FrankenPope is not facing the people any longer

  1. Calling Dr. Phil! Calling Dr. Phil!
    (Oh, deary me and heavens to Betsy, what might this turnabout in papal protocols indicate? A passive/aggressive affront to his Motel 6 “co-workers”? Or, is he seeking to mitigate the effects of a possible “Soupy Sales Uprising” in which cream pies are suddenly pulled from any number of episcopal briefcases between courses? The mystery deepens…) 😎

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