De Mattei: “Holy Father, you are the First One Responsible for the Confusion” – 4/10/18

Pope Francis is not the only cause of the Church crisis. He is also the product of a process of the Church’s auto-demolition that has its roots in modernism, the Nouvelle théologie, the Second Vatican Council, and the post-conciliar era, said the Italian historian Roberto de Mattei.

Talking to Catholic Family News (April 7), the scholar stated that it is not enough to denounce errors but those who spread errors need to be “called out by name”,

“Today we must admit that the Pope himself promotes and propagates errors and heresies in the Church.”

De Mattei calls for the the courage to say: “Holy Father, you are the first one responsible for the confusion which exists today in the Church; Holy Father”.

And, “You are the first one responsible for the heresies which are circulating in the Church today. The first one, but not the only one who is responsible.”

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One comment on “De Mattei: “Holy Father, you are the First One Responsible for the Confusion”  

  1. If Roberto de Mattei said indeed that the un-council Revolution of 1962 was a key reason for ecclesiastical suicide, as the news service reports, then I applaud his forthright scholarship and honesty. I do, anyway. But THIS was an important statement, coming from him, especially.
    Guys like Bergoglio would likely still have made themselves a total pain anyway, as narcissists invariably do, but V2 opened the floodgates for cranks, nutjobs and wackos to make a career out of their sick mentality.
    V2 was underway during the Pius XII era, as a liberal desire, even though Papa Pacelli finally nixed it after giving it no small consideration. Solid cardinals who warned against the horror show it would unleash convinced Pius XII to ashcan the project. In retrospect, had he allowed a REAL Council and a very pointed one at that, one which might have fulsomely condemned Communism right to its evil face, restated in classical terms the full doctrine on Matrimony and tore into the media-endorsed moral collapse of the West; a REAL Council which ended after a few months with an all-the-bells-and-whistles Maximum Pontifical High Mass immediately following a formal and gloriously composed Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with almost every bishop in the world right there with His Holiness in St. Peter’s Basilica, well…
    I’ll just leave it there.

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