Some Wake Up, Some Shut Their Eyes And Brains


Some Wake Up, Some Shut Their Eyes And Brains

Last year, among other criminal activities uncovered by wikileaks, it was discovered that several progressive leaders sought (and ultimately obtained) the removal of Pope Benedict XVI from the papacy.  Those leaders – actually, perpetrators is the more accurate term – are George Soros, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.  A group of Catholic leaders – in an open letter to President Trump – asked him for a formal investigation into the alleged tampering of federal officials in the internal affairs of the Roman Catholic Church.

This is no surprise.  It merely confirms what many faithful Catholics instinctively sensed all along: that Pope Benedict XVI was driven out so that Pope Francis, obviously sympathetic to progressive causes and not so much for Sacred Tradition, could be installed to do the bidding of the Soros cabal.

Some faithful Catholics seemed incapable of conceiving that: 1) the Holy Spirit may not have positively selected Cardinal Bergoglio to assume the papacy and/or 2) his doings are not automatically of divine inspiration.  Over the years, more and more of these folks have acknowledged the evidence that constantly slaps us all in our faces.  One such individual is Father Dwight Longenecker.  In his blog post entitled “Pope Francis Told Me“, he indicates how the pope is deliberately insinuating his mischief into the minds of unwary Catholics.  He insinuates a falsehood and never quite denies it.  We saw it in the “sinners don’t go to hell” fiasco.  Father points out that Jesuits have been doing that all along – including Father James Martin.  The most spectacular example was the “adulterers can receive Holy Communion” heresy embedded in Amoralis Lamentia.  We can bet our bottom dollars there will be another sly whopper in the encyclical that will be released after this “youth synod”.  Notice I said “released” for I strongly suspect it is already largely written; but I digress!

Another way of slyly insinuating heretical poison is to look the other way while key personnel are openly dissenting from Tradition and/or living grossly immoral lives.  Cardinal Schonborn, a close advisor to Pope Francis, said in a recent interview that ordination of women as deacons, priests and bishops can be decided “by a council”.   No they can’t.  Pope John Paul II definitively stated in Ordinato Sacerdotalis that the question was not up for debate and that it was settled teaching that the Sacrament of Holy Orders can only be conferred on men.  Schonborn stands in direct disobedience to Sacred Tradition.

At about the same time, Archbishop Paglia claimed that it’s “dangerous” to speak of the family as a “domestic church” even though that language is found in the Catechism and the Vatican II documents.  He is the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life – or the parody of the former Academy.  Paglia dismissed most of its faithful members and has now rendered it an abysmal joke.  Moreover, he’s the one who not only plastered homoerotic pornographic “art” in his cathedral, but had himself painted into the thing as clinging to another scantily clad man.  These last two scandals happened a while ago, and still Paglia retains his influential role in the Vatican.  Personnel is policy.

So yes, these two examples illustrate what Father Longenecker wrote a few days ago.  Sadly, though, others still persist on denying the evidence before their faces, lambasting those of us who acknowledge the truth as “bashing the pope”.  I see this most often on facebook and their behavior is downright weird.  When we post news of some latest outrage perpetrated by the Vatican with the pope’s permission, they go on a tirade about how “hateful” we are.  Then they post on their own walls, again and again, how they will “follow the pope”.  One could ask, “follow him where”.  Their very repetition makes me believe that they are simply trying to drown out the truth that they find increasingly difficult to deny.  Let’s keep them in prayer.

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5 comments on “Some Wake Up, Some Shut Their Eyes And Brains

  1. Society requires a univerally uniform set of rules in order for global economies to flourish.Businesses need guarantees that business partners and associates worldwide work within the same expected values and norms, otherwise business instabilty results.
    This is why bishops, priests, Popes want to put aside the Christian Teachings that divide people, and only look toward what ever else they can and in common. John Paul II did this too. He worked with other false faiths to work toward this kind of social unity. John Paul II was PROABORTION. He worked to reinforce the other religions in their false faiths, stressing there is good in all faiths, and that Catholicism has much to apologize for.

  2. When I heard Pope Benedict resigned, I told my wife and she would not believe me ! I told her a coup was afoot and I believed it was the Masons along with willing Cardinals! I thought Obama and his worthless minions might also have been involved! My wife did not believe me and kept reading books by Pope Benedict! I said to her, it reminded me of a coup when I was in Thailand 🇹🇭 and had to get to the Royal Lapidary. I gave my driver an extra 100 Baht , told him to call the owner and get the store opened ! When we arrived , there were tanks in the street and soldiers surrounding the palace. I got out of my white Mercedes, waved to the soldiers and tank crewmen, they waved back and I went into the establishment! I always thought , if you are going to take over a country this is the way to do it. No Blood, No killings ! The same thing happened at the Vatican, a Bloodless Coup ! Oh by the way, my wife believes me now.

  3. Wow, Skipper! If my plans to write politico-cultural-mil/Intel novels pan out, I’ll be in touch about your experiences in tantalizing Thailand. GREAT imagery in your description! 😎

  4. They’re still tied up making anti-commie public service announcements in Germany. ☺

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