Money Was the Reason Why Francis Disavowed Grand Master of Order of Malta – 4/7/18
Henry Sire, the author of the bestselling book “The Dictator Pope” told the “real reason” why the former Grand Master of the Order of Malta, Fra Matthew Festing, was disavowed by the Holy See.

The Order was about to receive a large donation for which the controversial German Grand Chancellor Albrecht Boeselager was the go-between.

But Boeselager was suspended by Festing for his role in distributing condoms and abortive hormones.

Now, this donation promised to bring benefits also to the Vatican and at least to one high ecclesiastic, “That was more important to them than a question of the Church’s moral teaching” according to Sire.

Therefore, Pope Francis sacrificed Festing and put Boeselager de facto in charge of the whole Order.

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