“Conservative” Cardinal Favours Communion for Prots


“Conservative” Cardinal Favours Communion for Prots

en.news – 4/5/18

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of Durban, South Africa, has come to believe after a chat with a “bishop” of the local Methodist Church that this person shares “the Catholic Church’s belief and teaching on the Eucharist” – although this is not the teaching of the Methodists.

Napier asked in an email to ncregister.com (April 4) the question, “What good reason would I have for not giving him Holy Communion, if he were to say he needed to receive in order to save his soul?’”

According to Catholic doctrine, a Methodist who comes to this conclusion is obliged by God and his conscience to become a Catholic. Before receiving Holy Communion he needs to go to confession.

Nevertheless, Napier believes that the case of the Methodist leader is what the German bishops had in mind when they [abusively] introduced Holy Communion for Protestants.

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One comment on ““Conservative” Cardinal Favours Communion for Prots

  1. That such stupendous ignorance, feigned or not, of doctrine has become endemic within the rarified element of Catholic bishops suggests the diabolical effectiveness of Modernism.
    God alone knows how few truly Catholic bishops even exist these days, although each one is presumed to share in the divine institution of Apostolic succession.
    Catechumens were made to wait YEARS in the early centuries of Church history before being baptized because they underwent a protracted catechesis to make sure they really knew the Faith. And Cd. Napier suggests indulging a public enemy of Christ, a protestant!, in a mere voleity? Absurdity on steroids.
    Were the heretic at the point of death and the cardinal was the only clergy available to assist him in his final agony, following a sincere renunciation of public heresy, conditional baptism and confession the man could then validly receive Holy Viaticum and Extreme Unction. But none of that is likely the case in this instance. Thus, instruction, formal reception including renunciation, confession and THEN receiving Holy Communion is the required order.

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